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Re: Two quotations about God

Mar 02, 2006 06:29 AM
by Konstantin Zaitzev

--- In, "W.Dallas TenBroeck" 
<dalval14@...> wrote:

> I wonder:  Just what is a "Personal GOD ?"  
> In what way is it different from an "Impersonal GOD?"

Didn't A. Ali explain it? When we cling to our personal self we have 
to deal with a personal god which is like a counterpart. We have 
substracted our limited self from a divine whole, and what is left is 
a personal god. It is a kind of illusion, but no more illusion than 
our personal self. See also "Personal & impersonal God" by Subba Row.

Another thing which is an approximation to personal God is logos.
Our personal self couldn't exist whithout archetupal pattern for it. 
All personalities have much in common, and it points to some 
archetype, for as above, so below.

> I our little world we have : Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, R 
> Catholicism, Protestantism, and dozens of other sects and creeds
> embodying aspects and views -- but who does the actual study and
> analysis of the reasonableness of these ?   

The Theosophical Society was founded for comparative study of 
religions, so its Founders thought that there is something worthy in 
them. Hidden powers of man is another line of work, and the 
brotherhood is the main.
Unfortunately these three objects are often substituted by the study 
of the works of the Founders which were just a specimen of work under 
three objects, and not more (though a very good specimen).

> How do people get together to agree on "fundamentals?" 

The theosophists sometimes agree even less than representatives of 
abovesaid religions.

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