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Re: A MAP: Sinnett, "Mary" and CWL's Fancies

Mar 01, 2006 11:46 PM
by Konstantin Zaitzev

Dear Jerry,

--- In, Jerry Hejka-Ekins wrote:
> >I've read somewhere that he didn't believe in autencity of contacts 
> >in Sinnett's circle but didn't want to hurt him.
> This is very interesting.  Can you recall where you read this?

C. Jinarajadasa wrote (quoting the letter):

"Show my notes to no one".

They were shown to me, with the Master's sanction, years
afterwards. But it was only in 1908 that, with the Master's
permission, the letter was published in The Theosophist of
January of that year.

When the letter was then published, Mr. Leadbeater purposely
left out this postscript, "Show my notes to no one". And
similarly, I left it out when in 1919 I reprinted the letter
in Letters from the Masters of the Wisdom, First Series. Why?

The explanation which I have to give is the most difficult part
to write of this commentary on these letters of the Master
K. H. For it deals with the deep disappointment which a great
Theosophist who loved his Master gave to that Master, through
intellectual pride and lack of intuition.


When I went to England as a boy, I lived in his (Sinnett's)
house for two years. Though he was polite to me, we were
mere acquaintances. He was however always cordial with Mr.
Leadbeater. ...

Mr. Sinnett, even in 1889, when I joined his household, never
realized that he had broken his link with the Master. Though
he received no more letters, he was thoroughly convinced that
the Master still communicated with him, through a lady, a
clairvoyante, whom he used to put weekly into a trance, whenever
she stayed with his wife and himself (for this lady, who lived
in Ireland, came to London only once or twice a year). When a
few years later, this lady could no longer act as the Master's
mouthpiece (so Mr. Sinnett firmly believed), he sought another,
and later another. And when I saw him last, the latest medium
was a man. And Mr. Sinnett never doubted the genuineness of
these communications received through these channels.

There was in Mr. Sinnett a strong belief, which it was the
business of none of us to challenge, that if ever the Master
determined to communicate, he would do so with him first, and
only through him to others. It would have come distinctly as
a shock to him that Mr. Leadbeater, so junior to him in all
Theosophical matters, had received letters, and not he, Mr.
Sinnett. The Master desired that Mr. Sinnett should not feel
hurt; and hence the words, "Show my notes to no one." So long
as Mr. Sinnett lived, neither Mr. Leadbeater nor I wanted him,
should he read this second letter when published, to feel hurt
at this ban from the Master.

with a commentary by C. Jinarajadasa)

I have quoted the main points only.

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