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Is Pasadena TS legitimate or not ?

Mar 01, 2006 11:07 PM
by Anand Gholap

If the information given below is correct, it raises many important 
questions about legitimacy of Pasadena TS. 

--- In, gregory@... wrote:
> In response to Damian's request for information on the Pt 
Loma/Pasadena ES I am
> sending a summary of a section from a paper I gave at a 
Thosophical history
> conference in California many years ago. It comes from a study of 
> societies and esoteric groups within the Theosophical movement. I 
hope to
> complete the work for publication one day.
> Dr Gregory Tillett
> De Purucker died suddenly and unexpectedly on September 27, 1942.  
He had left
> specific instructions regarding his successor: the successor was 
to "emerge"
> within three years after de Purucker's death, and would be 
recognized by "the
> proper proofs of spiritual leadership".  During those three years, 
the Society
> was to be ruled by a Cabinet.  If no Head emerged, then the 
Cabinet was to
> elect a leader.
> No successor emerged, and the Cabinet elected Colonel Conger.  The 
ES continued
> without an OH. De Purucker had made no provision for a successor 
to be
> appointed, but, at ES meetings he had given directions on the 
matter, and these
> had been published in a confidential ES circular: if within three 
months after
> de Purucker's death or disappearance no-one could give "the proper 
proofs of
> spiritual leadership", "then you will know that you have failed".  
The ES was
> meanwhile administered by a Council.
> Conger began to make claims to this position.  At a meeting of the 
ES on
> December 21, 1945, Conger claimed to be the OH of the ES.  The 
Cabinet divided
> between those who accepted this claim (including John van Mater 
and Grace
> Knoche) and those who rejected it (including Henry Edge and Emmett 
> On December 25, ten leading members of the ES (including Small, 
Harrison and
> Edge) presented Conger with a statement of protest against his 
claim.  They
> challenged Conger to demonstrate knowledge of an inner degree of 
the ES. Conger
> declined to do so.
> A controversy developed between Conger and his supporters, and 
those who denied
> his claims.  In March, 1946, Conger demanded the resignation of 
the dissidents.
> It seems probable that the majority of members of the ES within 
the Point Loma
> Society rejected Conger's claim.
> At a meeting on Paris 4, 1946, Conger announced the closure of the 
ES "by the
> Master's direction", and declared that esoteric activities were 
now "forbidden
> by the Master".  However, in October, 1946, a circular was sent 
out announcing
> that ES activities were to be resumed, and those wishing to take 
part must sign
> and return a pledge, whereupon they would receive de Purucker's ES 
> Conger died on February 22, 1951, and left a witnessed document 
> William Hartley as his successor.  However, the Cabinet 
unanimously refused to
> recognize Hartley and James Long was appointed as leader.
> Long claimed that de Purucker had stopped giving out teachings 
about 1939, and
> that there had been no instruction after that year even in the 
ES.  Long
> finally closed the ES, saying, enigmatically, "the esoteric has 
now become
> exoteric, and the exoteric esoteric".
> Following Long's death on July 19, 1971, he was succeeded by Grace 

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