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Re: Theos-World Jokes and Jokes

Mar 01, 2006 08:02 PM
by Bart Lidofsky

Erica Letzerich wrote:
How many Sufi's does it take to change a light bulb?
Sorry, we were dancing.  What was the question? :)
Time for a reprint:

Lightbulb on the Path
By Bart Lidofsky

There was a general Theosophical Conference last month. All groups calling themselves Theosophical were invited (as the organizers felt that they could not claim a definition of “true” Theosophy). The conference started out with surprisingly little fighting. That is, until a lightbulb burned out. At that point, the various groups started an argument as to the proper way to change the lightbulb.

“You cannot force evolution”, said the traditionalists. “It should be allowed to express its current level of development, and change itself, over time!”

The followers of Annie Besant did not agree. “Sometimes, one must force a lightbulb to change so that it can continue its evolution.”

“If we allowed ourselves to become sufficiently evolved”, replied the followers of Leadbeater, “we would all shed our own light (in the color of our own ray, of course), and would have no need of lightbulbs”.

The Alice Bailey group said, “It doesn't matter that the lightbulb burned out. We have a much more advanced lightbulb with which to replace it, anyway!”

The Esoteric Section appeared with a lightbulb which they tried to keep hidden, although everybody was sure that they had already seen it.

The representative from the Krishnamurti non-group said, “We cannot, of course, tell you the proper way to change a lightbulb. But we do have some suggestions that you might want to try out.”

The Pasadena group said that the lighting was much better in the western end of the room, and everybody should simply move over there. Point Loma, on the other hand, didn't really care much how the light bulb was changed, as long as they got the publishing rights.

A man representing the Church Universal and Triumphant, said, “We have the One True Light Bulb, but we can only use it if it is properly protected against the coming of the Armageddon.”

A member of the Thule Society stated that any lightbulb could be used, provided that it was of European origin. The Cult of Annoyed Theosophists agreed that any lightbulb would do, provided that it was not the same brand as the previous one. The ULT members, in the meantime, also agreed that any lightbulb would be OK, as long as the person who changed it remained anonymous.

The followers of Benjamin Crème declared, “With our light bulb, you will never need another light bulb again. It will reveal itself when you are all ready for it; as a matter of fact, it appeared in Istanbul last May!”

The followers of Sai Baba were silently attempting to materialize a light bulb out of thin air. The Therapeutic Touch group, in the meantime attempted to meditate until they could find an answer.

The proceedings grew hotter and hotter, until they were about to reach a decidedly untheosophical pitch when a member of the Theosophical Order of Service caused an abrupt halt in the arguing by pointing out that the Henry S. Olcott Fan Club had just gone ahead and replaced the lightbulb.

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