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God Re: C. W. Leadbeater's Christianism

Mar 01, 2006 01:27 PM
by Konstantin Zaitzev

Dear Anand,

--- In, "Anand Gholap" wrote:

> You really don't believe in God or you are just joking 

It depends on what we understand under "God". If we mean God
which can joke, or be angry, I'don't believe in such a God. I was
never a believer, and theosophy attracted me as a system which
explains a wide range of paranormal phenomena without any need
to adopt hypothesis of God. But I am neither an atheist, for
athiests are also believers who believe that there's no God, and
their belief is as much dogmatic and unscientific as that of
believers of any church. Some of them even call themselves
"theosophists" and make a dogma of Mahatma Letters. Yet the
famous letter about God seems to me reasonable. Parabrahman
is not God but rather an absolute and ultimate reality behind all
phenomena. I admit that hypothesis about Logos is also
reasonable, but Logos is not God but rather an archetypal living
being, for there are many Logoi, and they manifest as many
bubbles in boiling water. We can say that there's no God or try
to provide the old word "God" with the new, more sublime and
spiritual meaning. Buddhists and two mahatmas M. & K.H. used
the first method, Leadbeater and some Masters like Serapis used
another. Both methods have thier advantages and disadvantages.
It's exactly as Buddhists say that there's no atman while
Vedantists say that atman is Brahman, and it was HPB who first
told us that they mean the same thing. Leadbeater wrote for
people with christian background and he have used the resourse
of the Christian heritage to the utmost. If he applied for
discipleship to the Master who already wrote that famous letter he
probably knew what he was doing. Sinnett was sincere to him and
had no reason to hide Master's views. But for any theosophist who
really has some understanding but not just follows dogmatically
some specific set of documents (canon), the reading of the texts of
different schools of theosophy consists no more problem than
reading the texts written in different languages. My own language
is rather atheistic but it's just because it is my native language, 
and I've learned another language later.

Now, following the mahatma, I also wrote a letter about God :)

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