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Re: Theos-World Sun metrics

Mar 01, 2006 01:08 PM
by Jacques Mahnich

  Thank you for asking the right question, it looks like there are many standards for the unit Yojana, and also that the measurements recorded in the Siva-Purana are likely to be highly symbolical (see next readings) :
  SIVA-PURANA (Edited by Prof. J.L. SHASTRI)
  Umasamhita - Chapter 19
  Sanatkumara said :
  4.The spheres of the planets are entirely situated above the moon along with the stars about ten thousand Yojanas one above the other.
  5. Budha (Mercury); above that is Kavya (Venus); above that is the sphere of Bhauma (Mars). Brihaspati (Jupiter) is above that and Sanaiscara (Saturn) is above that.
  6. The sphere of the seven sages (The Ursa Major) is situated a hundred thousand Yojanas above it. The Pole Star (Dhruva) is situated a hundred thousand Yojanas above the sages.
  ... and so on.
  Now on the Yojana unit of measure,  the value I quoted came from the Narada Purana comments, where it said to be equivalent to 4.95 miles (7,56 km).
  The Manu Laws give us the value of 9 miles, adding that some others values like 5 miles are also to be found in the literature. But even with this value of 9 miles, it does not give the right value for the sun diameter as found in the Siva-Purana.

  Finally, to your question, I am an old-new comer on this forum, having started on it 10 years ago, and having left for 8 years.
  Jacques wrote:
    How do you as an Astronomer if 
you perceive why the measurement by the unit of Yojana is so markedly faulted? 
Are there more than one standard for what distance is I unit of Yojana? Or is 
the Purana which were much more recent a literature possibly incorrect? 
Be that as it may, this is the first time I have seen you post here, are 
you new or have you been here for a while? Looks like your an interesting 
person that might brighten up the discussions here.


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