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Re: Theos-World Overwhelmed by Pedro's evidence...almost

Feb 28, 2006 08:39 PM
by Cass Silva

Hello Gregory
Was the little man that failed, Sinnett or Leadbeater?
Cass wrote: I am almost, but not quite, overwhelmed.

I asked to see the �documents proving her [HPB's] good attitude to CWL� and her
�letters to him in quite confident tone�, and straight away Pedro
produces....well, not quite letters and documents but ONE annotation by HPB on
an article in �The Theosophist� and ONE letter from Blavatsky to Leadbeater
while he was in Ceylon �which deals mostly with the crisis involving "Bawajee"
(S. Krishnamachari)� and in which �HPB declines Leadbeater's request for her to
forward another letter of his to the Master and returns his letter in the same
envelope with hers.� But �Twice in her letter, Blavatsky mentions the
expressions "your Master" and "your Mahatma" in connection with Leadbeater.�

I suppose this might count as �documents�, it certainly doesn�t count as

The letter, by the way, was written prior to Leadbeater�s return to London.
Itseems clear that Blavatsky�s view of Leadbeater changed significantly upon
his return to London, perhaps a result of Leadbeater�s letters to Olcott during
his time in India and Ceylon in which Leadbeater explained his desire to return
to England in somewhat racist terms. There may have been other explanations.

Pedro carefully avoids the more significant questions. Perhaps they were not
received on his e-mail, so I�ll repeat them:

Why was Leadbeater � supposedly close to, if not a disciple of Blavatsky - not a
member of Blavatsky's Lodge?

Why was Leadbeater a member of the rival London Lodge under Sinnett of which
Blavatsky did not approve? Remember that Sinnet (as Jinarajadasa, who was
living with Leadbeater at the time recalled) had a strong antagonism towards
Blavatsky and Olcott.

Why was Leadbeater � supposedly close to, if not a disciple of Blavatsky - never
a member of the ES (let alone the IG of the ES) given he was living in London?

Why was he a member of the rival ES operated by Sinnett of which Blavatsky did
not approve?

Why was Leadbeater "contacting" the Masters while living in London
during her lifetime without any contact with Blavatsky?

Leadbeater was completely absent from Blavatsky's circle (which
was well documented and its members well known) from his return to England in
1889 until her death in 1891.

Dr Gregory Tillett

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