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Re: Theos-World On Daniel and Certain False Persons

Feb 28, 2006 08:24 PM
by MarieMAJ41

Jerry, thank you for your response.
It is possible that what Paul has alledged is true, but is it  also possible 
that the so called pseudo individuals were merely playing devil's  advocates? 
I can see a  scenario in which, in order to make a point,  one might want to 
take on an alter personality with which to do that.
I was not a member of Theos-talk when the original events  occurred. If one 
becomes a troll when one says controversial things or  stirs  up animosity than 
I can see where that could be judged improper  on some lists. I can also 
imagine that on Theos-talk that has happened.
But please, could we not be more forgiving and compassionate? We all  change 
and grow. Even mushrooms see the light of day. Perhaps Daniel's motives  have 
been misjudged. Perhaps not. But intelligence demands a more dispassionate  
reading. A well placed apology could easily return harmony to our forum. An  
explanation could also restore trust.
Personalities so easily become trapped by belief systems. I  am stuck in 
neutral. I can't see what the fuss is all about. I am learning about  internet 
do's and don'ts. And about theosophy.  I love this list.

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