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Re: Theos-World On Daniel and Certain False Persons

Feb 28, 2006 07:15 PM
by Jerry Hejka-Ekins

Dear Marie,

The concern that was originally raised, was whether it was an abuse of the list to use pseudonyms for the purpose of trolling. I have been involved in helping to monitor a couple of discussion boards (not this one) and have become aware that this issue has been of more than a passing concern for other discussion board moderators as well. In other words, it really is a serious issue because trolls ruin it for others who would like to use these boards for real communication and sharing. I personally believe that using pseudonyms for the purpose of trolling is an abuse, and sense that most of the participants on this board feel the same way. The use of "nicknames" etc. is of course, a time honored standard practice on discussion boards, and I'm not aware of anyone objecting to this.

I also look forward to Daniel's return.

Best wishes,
Jerry wrote:

Dear friends, I have beeen reading the messages back and forth about the alleged pseudo-names that Mr. Caldwell has supposedly taken. Assuming for a moment for that to be true [of which I have no idea whether it is so or not], did Mr. Caldwell commit a sin? Was this somehow a grievous ethical mistake? If so, then all e-mail addys should only be composed of the actual names of users, and not the rather quaint names that we have all seen. Also, all e-mail correspondence should then have to be signed using the complete name and mailing address of the person writing, should it not?

Is it just me? I am having trouble understanding just why taking a pseudo name on a list would be such a grievous break with internet etiquette. Is there a list of rules that I have somehow missed?

I for one miss Daniel Caldwell's excellent contributions to this list.

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