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Re: Theos-World Sun metrics

Feb 28, 2006 03:12 PM
by samblo

   Thanks for your comments and reply. Are you an Astronomer? If you are I am 
glad we have a member that is. I have not read the Siva Purana but I accept 
that you have read it correctly. Let me ask this, The ancient Hindu has Solar 
Observatory they must have used analytical means of measuring the size of the 
sphere of the Sun and obtaining the angle from more than one location to get 
the geometry to obtain the distance correctly. How do you as an Astronomer if 
you perceive why the measurement by the unit of Yojana is so markedly faulted? 
Are there more than one standard for what distance is I unit of Yojana? Or is 
the Purana which were much more recent a literature possibly incorrect? The 
difference between the 864,000 miles I posted and the value you cite for the 
International committee accepted value of 869,375 miles using 21st century 
technology to obtain it is only "0.0062r %" of difference a very small difference. I 
used the 864,000 value because that is what I have always found cited in 
mostly nonprofessional resources like Asimov or other similar gradient publishments.

   Be that as it may, this is the first time I have seen you post here, are 
you new or have you been here for a while? Looks like your an interesting 
person that might brighten up the discussions here.


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