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Sun metrics

Feb 28, 2006 02:31 PM
by Jacques Mahnich

Considered as a sphere, the sun has an apparent diameter of 32'. Due to Earth movement around sun's elliptic orbit, this value is varying from 31' 31" on July 1st up to 32' 35" on January 1st. The average radius recognized by international committees is 695 500 km which give an average diameter of 1 391 000 km (869 375 miles).
  Distance from the Earth is 149 598 845 km (93 499 208 miles).
  From the Siva Purana, one can read (UMASAMHITA - Chapter 19, 2-3) that "The sun's sphere is situated a hundred thousand Yojanas from the earth. One Yojana being equal to 7.56 km (4.95 miles), it makes 756 000 km (495 000 miles)
  ...again missing some clues to read properly the old texts.

DENNIS KIER <> wrote:
  Just wondering a bit about this. You mention that the sun is 864,000 miles 
in diameter, and that value was known to them in ancient times. But the 
"mile" value has not been in existance for more than a couple hundred years, 
has it? How could the ancients have measured in "miles" and held the value 
of 864,000 "miles" in such high regard?


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> Krsanna,
> Thanks for your reply and comments. The Sun is 864,000 miles in diameter
> this value was known to the ancient astronomers of India. the values 864, 
> 432,
> 216, 108 etc. are ubiquitous and are multiple use item. A sign of the 
> Zodiac
> is 2160 years long (216 or 6x6x6x10). The Kings chamber has a volume of 
> 1296
> cubic feet a multiple of 6 and 1296 is 1/20 of the solar year of 25,920 
> years.

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