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Re: Theos-World Who & what TimeStar is

Feb 28, 2006 02:15 PM
by samblo

    Thanks for your comment and reply. That's a great question and it makes 
me chuckle also. I see your point clearly, that is why in my earlier post I 
said it fascinates me that they knew these values in ancient times. Somehow like 
it or not these numbers are there back then and both then and now relate to 
Sun-Moon-Earth aspects. They measured with a precision is true. Even at 
Tiahuanaco (15,538 BC) integrated through symbol-glyph astronomical system of 
observation and measurement of movement of celestial objects. So did, it seems most 
civilizations to today. There are a plethora of "Standards" of measurement that 
Cultures utilized. Cubits were variously slightly different from another 
culture. A Roman Cubit was a slightly different from an Egyptian Cubit and so forth 
about Chaldean, Hindu, Persian, Early and Later European, Greek, etc. But it 
seems some of the standard adoptions were from typical human physiognomy, like 
from the elbow to the fingertip (Cubit), or fingertip to fingertip with the 
arms spread wide. Sighting with water tables and sighting tools to measure 
degree and angles were used at Tiahuanaco and by the ancient Hindu also even 
though greatly separated in time. One figure on the headdress of the winged figure 
at Tiahuanaco is a "snail shell" this uniquely portrays the positioning of the 
Astronomer who is placed at the center of the four directions extending to 
the horizon in all directions. The "cone" of the " snail shell" surrounds him 
and extends to the vertical "zenith" perpendicular to him piercing through the 
top of his head and extending to infinity. On the outside of the snail shell is 
a "spiral" this "spiral" in indicating the "elevation from the Horizon" of 
the view of the Astronomer relative to the heavens and the objects he is engaged 
in observing, demarcating approximate 30 degree segments as scribed. At the 
very top of the snail shell the "curl" of the "spiral" is imagined to curl into 
the center of the "cone" the four directions are imagined scribed 
intersecting perfectly in the center with the "curl" this then serves as the critical 
"Transit" section of the cone of the snail shell that marks the "significant 
passage of the celestial body (in this case the Sun or the Moon before our present 
moon. and a cone of only a few degree of the heaven.). Each and every Glyph 
and each and every small part or sub-sign of the glyphs provide a measurement 
caliper. Although appearing as a novel and strange agglomeration from some 
strange culture what is actually there is genius of organization and accurate 
portrayal of this "science" that is made to appear as "art." We have much to 
relearn from our parents of the past.


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