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Re: Theos-World On Daniel and Certain False Persons

Feb 28, 2006 01:08 PM
by samblo

    Thanks for your comments and reply. Everyone can of course take a point 
of view in a reaction to what another says such a Paul's long standing posts 
over a time longer than I have been in this Forum. Just because Paul thinks 
person "A" is person "B" and makes all kinds of speculative arguments about that 
such as "the IP is an ISP in Arizona" doesn't convince me at all. There are 3 
million people in Arizona, I have a long tome friend that lives there also, he 
has the very same ISP Gateway to the Internet Provider as whoever had the IP 
Number that was shown by the header for David Green. So What? Almost everyone 
in Arizona will have that very same Gateway Provider. A T-1 Trunk ISP truncates 
off the data that would indicate the actual location of any of it's client 
individuals specific identifier number, all Paul got is a truncated IP that is 
standard procedure for T-1 ISP Providers and that is not an indication that it 
was Daniel Caldwell. It indicates that people misjudge the facts that are not 
sufficiently known to make accusations that defame another on this Forum or 
elsewhere in my humble personal individual opinion. As I said previously, Prove 
It. Take it to Court, get a Court Order for the ISP to submit the full and 
explicit IP Address of Daniel Caldwell which is done under express criteria 
available to anyone in a formal legal action. then you, Paul or others will be 
legitimate in an accusation if indeed it was Daniel and only then, and not until 
then. In the meantime it is like what Madame Blavatsky replied when people 
asked about where the Mahatma's would be after she was gone "When I am gone they 
can whistle for the Brothers!" Until someone proves it is Daniel instead of 
"speculates" you and the other can "whistle" for my support. Your assertion that 
Paul provided "well documented texts" also mean zip to me, he proffered 
certain speculations (that are faulted and incomplete) that are yet without any 
definite proof as you, he and the rest of us do not know who David Green or Hobbes 
"was" or "is" which both you and Paul freely admit in every a lot of the 
posts on the topic that are made. I consider your "Daniel is silent" and "he is 
reduced to dumbness" as both dumb and oxymoronic. Prove it, prove Daniel is 
really so-called "silent" for the reason you posit. Here doggy, sit doggy, roll 
over doggy, play silent doggy. Nope that doesn't wash either with me and I think 
most people that will consider that Daniel has proven to be a person gleaming 
with intelligence, who acts "self-determinatively" without your guidance or 
command.  Like I said before, you guys are whipping a horse that has been dead 
for 13 years, Just my POV judging that someone here has been wringing a towel 
that long, rather too long for me to listen to it seriously. Nothing, 
absolutely nothing prevents a Formal Court Action by Paul, you, or other interested 
parties, only will power. Nothing, absolutely nothing prevents you, Jerry who is 
a Fellow of Theosophy and a National lecturer for Theosophy from appealing 
directly to The Theosophy Society of America Headquarters and filing a complaint 
and requesting an Inquiry of the issue, has that ever been done? And yes, you 
are judging Daniel in my opinion and I think other of the Forum will see in 
their own mindful observation you do that each and every time you charge him of 
committing an act or actions you have no judicial proof of, only Paul 
Johnson's third party action that you see benefit in using for whatever reason. Jerry 
posted that his judgment is "it is not likely" that Daniel will respond. 
After 13 years that would seem plain to any intelligent person. By your axiom and 
logic I guess Daniel is required to appear before the inquisition committee 
upon demand, and place his mandatory "Guilty Plea" to the Committee to receive 
the already prepared Sentence to the Gulag. Nope not here in America, sorry, 
each and everyone is "Innocent" until "Proven" guilty in this country. So when 
will the accusers of Daniel "do the right thing and stop doing the wrong thing" 
is the real question I ask myself and everyone in this Forum?


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