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Begging money for the "Coming"

Feb 28, 2006 12:51 PM
by krsanna

I have not drawn battle lines and do not have a side.  I have three 
primary interests:

1.	Interaction of the whole of civilization and society, of 
which Theosophy is a part, and the way in which I relate to these.  
2.	Appropriate response to cycles as they affect # 1 and #3.
3.	Causes and effects that I put into motion and to which I 

To define these interests, cycles are equivalent to regularity of 
periods in time and that causes and effects are correspond to 
karma.  Cycles and karma are not equivalent, yet are interactive.  
Cycles are among the least understood areas of Theosophy.  "The 
Secret Doctrine" dealt with cycles only peripherally.   Blavatsky 
repeatedly alluded to "secrets" regarding cycles, and Judge asserted 
that the Mahatmas had not revealed keys to cycles in a environment 
as materialistic as that of the 19th century.  

Blavatsky didn't expect the 20th century to be much better than the 
19th, albeit she predicted a greater awakening to psychism that 
would require concepts of ethics to enable us to do good, instead of 
evil, to each other.  She held much hope for the 21st century, 
providing that key events had occurred in 20th century.  I've never 
found an exposition of the events necessary in the 20th century to 
enable important changes in the 21st.  

Within this context, prophecies for the "Coming,," an event compared 
to a comet or an approach of Mars, is comical.  It sounds like a 
line out of a Superman comic book.  (Is the cryptonite in the 
comet?)  Boxes and boxes of correspondence of this order from, the 
Besamt-Leadbeater era are The Washington State Historical Society.

Besant, Leadbeater, Sinnett, and their contemporaries were entirely 
capable of speaking for themselves.  They have done so.  Sides are 
not necessary.  An objective pov and a little compassion is helpful.

Perspectives and personalities change.  

Krsanna Duran

--- In, Bart Lidofsky <bartl@...> wrote:
> TimeStar wrote:
> > Some great correspondence sent by Annie Besant's messianic cult 
> 	Great way to get people on your side.
> 	Bart

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