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Leadbeater communicates with "The Christ"

Feb 28, 2006 12:25 PM
by gregory

The clearest published account of Leadbeater's alleged communications with "The
Christ" is found in C. Jinarajadasa (ed) "On the Liberal Catholic Church:
Extracts from Letters of C.W. Leadbeater to Annie Besant, 1916-1923" (TPH,
Adyar, 1952). Just why Jinarajadasa published this extraordinary work,
including confidential letters, is unclear. Some (e.g. E.L. Gardner) have
suggested that it was part of an attempt to have the Liberal Catholic Church
collapse. "On the Liberal Catholic Church" has long been out of print.

Jinarajadasa, to the benefit of historians, published a great deal of historical
material (including some that was controversial and "sensitive") in "The
Theosophist" during his presidency of the TS.

Much more material is found in ES publications, but these are inaccessible to
the  average researcher.

Dr Gregory Tillett

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