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Quotes taken from ‘Gorgias’ by Plato

Feb 28, 2006 06:48 AM
by plcoles1

Quotes taken from `Gorgias'  by Plato

"Socrates : That is just what I suspected you meant, Gorgias. But don't be surprised if later on 
I repeat this procedure and ask additional questions when the answer seems already clear.
My motive, as I say, is not in the least personal; it is simply to help the discussion to progress 
towards its end in a logical sequence and to prevent us of getting into the habit of 
anticipating one another's statements because we have a vague suspicion of what they are 
likely to be, instead of allowing you to develop your argument in your own way from the 
agreed premises."

"It must be on the condition that we regard ourselves as rivals in the attempt to distinguish 
truth from falsehood.
We are all equally concerned in the truth being made clear."


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