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On Daniel and Certain False Persons

Feb 28, 2006 06:32 AM
by carlosaveline cardoso aveline

Dear John,

"Rumours" about Daniel?

I will post here tomorrow the well-documented texts by Paul Johnson,
once agains, as it seems you forgot them already.

Besides that, Daniel's silence is most eloquent. He suddenly was reduced to
dumbness by P. Johnson's words...

I am not judging Daniel though -- I'am still waiting for his frank and honest clarifications.

Or clarificatons from "David Green", "Terry Hobbes" and so on.

Best regards, Carlos Cardoso Aveline

Subject: Re: Theos-World To John: Did Daniel Committ Fraud?
Date: Sun, 26 Feb 2006 14:22:38 EST

Thanks for your comments and reply. Even though not unexpectedly you
persist I for one representing only my more or less exterior existential relation
to Theosophy happen not to agree with the continued maligning of Daniel
Caldwell regardless of how many rumors are posted here or else where. Is this the
only Theosophical Forum where you and your compatriots are posting this content
or are you blanketing it everywhere? The question keeps rising in my mind so I
honestly and sincerely ask. I deeply value Daniel Caldwell's long hard
persistent arduous WORK for Theosophy obvious to anyone visiting his Blavatsky
Archive Website. From my perspective he has worked tirelessly and for many years to
advance knowledge of Theosophy, Madame Blavatsky, the Mahatma's, The Voice of
the Silence and many, many more worthy contents. Contrary to you view which is
intentioned and biased with a undeviating purpose and goal that injures
Theosophy as I view it. I also disagree with your intentioned characterization of
why Daniel is absent, it only fits your purpose. My view is yes, I have seen
Daniel over the years since 1999 have brief periods of absence but not for the
reason you so negatively posit. My perception is he was WORKING for Theosophy
and each time he returned to ths Forum he posted notices to all here of new
additions to his Archive and new materials he had added to his Website. He did
just that in the last few days, didn't you read it? My view and I hope I don't
diminish John Santucci in any amount or way is that Daniel's Archive is the
Best in the World bar none even though there are other wonderful replete and
manifold sites I love Daniel's, and see the time and WORK he engages in as a free
gift to all who come, old and new. What have you to offer? Poison Pen Attacks?
Not wanted by me and probably most here, you can make all the claims you
want, prove it. Who appointed you judge and jury? What would we all lose if you
and you friends succeed in wiping out Daniel Caldwell's Website? And what gift
do we receive from you and your compatriots? If I am expected to then migrate
to a new "Progressive (Socialist Marxist) Forum and Group and Website as a
compensation for the demise of Daniel? Forget it, it will never happen. I have
already stated on this forum my sentiments, I remember Budapest!

Suspicions aren't proof of anything they are simply suspicions, rumor,
third party actions and are what bedeviled early Theosophy to death while Radha
Bai lived and she condemned the practice. Even the Masons I understand have a
Justice Officer where accusation of a breach of the code of deportment or
ethical conduct can be formally registered and prosecuted in a proper Judicial
manner. Theosophy I think also has this venue, the question is why do you
studiously avoid any rational venue available to include Public Court Suit or the

If there is such a humoungous crowd of people who also entertain the same
view as you where the hell have they been? I have been here every damn day
since 1999 and until you came flying in here recently for the first time that I
recall no one except principally Paul seemed to be preoccupied with this. You
apparently were intentionally left uninformed of a few things. Paul in a fit of
anger shouting at the top of his voice stomped out of here a year ago loudly
telling each and all he was leaving and would never return and more or less
declaring a pox on this Forum and all in it and not until a few days after you
came here to prosecute Daniel did he pop in here after a year of absence.

This whole thing is so slimy, so gutter it is sickening and I wish Eldon
would tell it to end. Take Daniel to Court, prove you claims before the Law,
that's how you can obtain the TRUTH, but it seems you fear that greatly or you
honorable gentlemen would have settled this all 13 years ago in fast order. I
used to be a Ward Captain and CO-chaired a Senatorial district and two
Representative districts in a small western state, I had two Campaign Headquarters in
Denver and the largest financial district in the state. Politicians will keep
an issue going interminably instead of taking resolute action as long as they
can wring out sympathy from defenseless uninformed people like some here,
maybe that is why this was not settled in Court 13 years ago? Boy am I glad I
live in America.


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