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Re: Leadbeater and Blavatsky

Feb 27, 2006 10:06 PM
by prmoliveira

--- In, gregory@... wrote:

> "Moreover, there are documents proving her [HPB's] good attitude 
to CWL. She
> wrote letters to him in quite confident tone. In 1889 she gave him 
her books
> with the friendly inscription."
> Really? And where are these documents? and where are these 
letters? No-one -
> including Boris de Zirkhoff and John Cooper - has ever traced a 
single letter
> from HPB to Leadbeater beyond casual and formal notes.
> There are only two known visits by Leadbeater to Blavatsky after 
his return from
> Ceylon - both brief, formal and in a social setting.
> Why was Leadbeater not a member of Blavatsky's Lodge? Why was he a 
member of the
> rival London Lodge under Sinnett? Remember that Sinnet (as 
Jinarajadasa, who was
> living with Leadbeater at the time recalled) had a strong 
antagonism towards
> Blavatsky and Olcott.
> Why was Leadbeater never a member of the ES (let alone the IG or 
the ES) given
> he was living in London? Why was he a member of the rival ES 
operated by
> Sinnett?
> Why was Leadbeater "contacting" the Masters while living in London 
during her
> lifetime without any contact with her?
> Leadbeater was completely absent from Blavatsky's circle (which 
was well
> documented and its members well known) from his return to England 
in 1889 until
> her death in 1891.
> I look forward to seeing copies of the documents and the letters!

Since Yahoo does not allow attachments, I will mention only the 
references. I can send you photocopies if necessary.

Leadbeater wrote an article in "The Theosophist" (August, 1886), 
entitled "Anuradhapura and Mihintale". Towards the end of the 
article he says: "The fourth and fith temples we had not time to 
visit, but we were told that they were both smaller than those we 
saw; one is said to contain some fine specimens of wood carving, and 
another gigantic reclining statue of our Lord."

C. Jinarajadasa, in an article in the same magazine (February 1927), 
published a facsimile reproduction of an anotation by HPB from her 
own copy of "The Theosophist", vol. vii, August, 1886, p. 686. She 
wrote: "A brave heart! H.P.B.", possibly because Leadbeater referred 
to the Buddha as 'our Lord'.

Jinarajadasa, in the same issue of "The Theosophist" (February 
1927), publishes a letter from HPB to Leadbeater. The letter is 
dated "Eberfeld, June 23/86" and he includes a facsimile of an 
important page of the letter. In this letter, which deals mostly 
with the crisis involving "Bawajee" (S. Krishnamachari), HPB 
declines Leadbeater's request for her to forward another letter of 
his to the Master and returns his letter in the same envelope with 
hers. Twice in her letter, Blavatsky mentions the expressions "your 
Master" and "your Mahatma" in connection with Leadbeater.

When Leadbeater, who was in Colombo at that time, opened the 
envelope he found only HPB's letter, and not the original one she 
said she was returning to him. Jinarajadasa adds: "But on the last 
page of H.P.B.'s letter, there were written, accross the page 
diagonally, in the well-known blue-pencil handwriting of the Master 
K.H., the following words, evidently precipitated in transit through 
the post [he published the facsimile of this page]:

"Take courage. I am pleased with you. Keep your own counsel and 
believe in your better intuitions. The little man has *failed* and 
will reap *his* reward. SILENCE meanwhile.


The above passage is published in "Letters from the Masters of the 
Wisdom", First Series, ed. C. Jinarajadasa (letter #50). 

Pedro Oliveira   

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