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Re: Grace Frances Knoche

Feb 27, 2006 09:11 PM
by prmoliveira

--- In, "Eldon B Tucker" <eldon@...> 

> A notice arrived in the mail dated February 18. It says, "Grace F. 
> Leader of The Theosophical Society for the last 35 years, died 
early this
> morning, following a brief illness."
> Grace was the international head of the Theosophical Society that 
traces its
> origin back to the American Section of the original Society. In 
the mid
> 1890's, the American Section, under the leadership of W.Q. Judge, 
> its autonomy within the parent society. In response, H.S. Olcott 
> the entire section, with the exception of a few branches that 
choose to stay
> with Olcott and the Adyar leadership. From that point forward, 
there were
> two Theosophical Societies, one with international headquarters at 
> India, and the other with current headquarters at Pasadena, 
> The lineage of leadership of the Pasadena Theosophical Society is 
stated as
> going from H.P. Blavatsky to W.Q. Judge, Katherine Tingley, G. de 
> A.L. Conger, James A. Long, and then Grace F. Knoche. I have heard 
no news
> yet as to whom may now be in charge.
> There was a memorial held for Grace yesterday at which many members
> expressed appreciation for having known her. Although we may have 
> different paths to take in doing theosophical work in the world, 
it's always
> encouraging to see the example of someone who has spent her entire 
> working to better things in the world.

In her book "To Light a Thousand Lamps", p. 156, Grace Knoche wrote:

"The theosophic purpose, then, is manifold, and no one was more 
aware than H. P. Blavatsky of the magnitude of the task before her. 
She lived and worked in the tradition of those who labour 
ceaselessly to awaken humanity to its innate grandeur. (...) To many 
her greatest gift was her pointing once again to the "path", the 
sacred way of inner mastery - not for oneself, but for the uplifting 
of all beings everywhere. Her lasting appeal to men and women of 
compassion is to work actively for the realization of universal 
brotherhood so that eventually every people, nation, and race will 
be free to pursue its individual destiny in harmony and at peace 
with all others." 

I never met her but followed her writings in the "Sunrise" magazine 
with great interest. I take this opportunity to pay my sincere 
respects to this distinguished Theosophist and servant of humanity.

Pedro Oliveira

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