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Leadbeater and Blavatsky

Feb 27, 2006 08:33 PM
by gregory

"Moreover, there are documents proving her [HPB's] good attitude to CWL. She
wrote letters to him in quite confident tone. In 1889 she gave him her books
with the friendly inscription."

Really? And where are these documents? and where are these letters? No-one -
including Boris de Zirkhoff and John Cooper - has ever traced a single letter
from HPB to Leadbeater beyond casual and formal notes.
There are only two known visits by Leadbeater to Blavatsky after his return from
Ceylon - both brief, formal and in a social setting.

Why was Leadbeater not a member of Blavatsky's Lodge? Why was he a member of the
rival London Lodge under Sinnett? Remember that Sinnet (as Jinarajadasa, who was
living with Leadbeater at the time recalled) had a strong antagonism towards
Blavatsky and Olcott.

Why was Leadbeater never a member of the ES (let alone the IG or the ES) given
he was living in London? Why was he a member of the rival ES operated by
Why was Leadbeater "contacting" the Masters while living in London during her
lifetime without any contact with her?

Leadbeater was completely absent from Blavatsky's circle (which was well
documented and its members well known) from his return to England in 1889 until
her death in 1891.

I look forward to seeing copies of the documents and the letters!

Dr Gregory Tillett

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