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Grace Frances Knoche

Feb 27, 2006 07:25 PM
by Eldon B Tucker

A notice arrived in the mail dated February 18. It says, "Grace F. Knoche,
Leader of The Theosophical Society for the last 35 years, died early this
morning, following a brief illness."

Grace was the international head of the Theosophical Society that traces its
origin back to the American Section of the original Society. In the mid
1890's, the American Section, under the leadership of W.Q. Judge, declared
its autonomy within the parent society. In response, H.S. Olcott expelled
the entire section, with the exception of a few branches that choose to stay
with Olcott and the Adyar leadership. From that point forward, there were
two Theosophical Societies, one with international headquarters at Adyar,
India, and the other with current headquarters at Pasadena, California.

The lineage of leadership of the Pasadena Theosophical Society is stated as
going from H.P. Blavatsky to W.Q. Judge, Katherine Tingley, G. de Purucker,
A.L. Conger, James A. Long, and then Grace F. Knoche. I have heard no news
yet as to whom may now be in charge.

There was a memorial held for Grace yesterday at which many members
expressed appreciation for having known her. Although we may have our
different paths to take in doing theosophical work in the world, it's always
encouraging to see the example of someone who has spent her entire lifetime
working to better things in the world.


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