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Re: Hitler's associates were occultists

Feb 27, 2006 06:36 PM
by netemara888

--- In, "krsanna" <timestar@...> wrote:
> The the History Channel DVD collection for information on occult 
> work that Hitler's associates did in the 1930's.  I can't remember 
> the name of the lead researcher (it may have been Goebbels) 
> he was a reincarnated king from Atlantis, which had been the home 
> the master race.  A project financed by the Nazis in the 1930's 
> set up to identify descendants of the master race, after they had 
> been scattered around the world when Atlantis sank.  The project 
> took measurements of skulls, limbs, etc. for proportions.  The 
> did lots of measurements and categorizations to identify 
> worthy individuals.  
> Bear in mind, Rudolf Steiner was influential in Germany.  As you 
> know, he broke away from the TS and actively continued his neo-
> theosphical work.  Steiner may have carried the Blavatsky legacy 
> with him to some extent.  That's just a thought.  
> Tibet was one of the areas where desceendants of the master race 
> were identified, and the Nazis began taining a small army of about 
> 300 Tibetans to invade China.  That fizzled.  
> I know this sounds wild, but I did see it on the History Channel.  
> get the names of Hitler's close associates mixed up - Goebbels, 
> Himmler, etc.  They all sound like a bunch of Nazis to me.  
> As I recall, the Nazi who headed the research to find the master 
> race set up a museum in Germany that included his findings.
> You can get more complete information by searching the History 
> Channel's web site.
> Krsanna Duran
> --- In, Theo Paijmans <th.paijmans@> 
> wrote:
> >
> > Almost an entire chapter you say. I don't think Hitler had any 
> occult 
> > background. Many researchers including myself have not found a 
> thing.
> > 
> > Regards,
> > 
> > Theo
> > 
> > netemara888 wrote:
> > 
> > >It is 
> > >not a secret that he had an occult background. I do discuss my 
> past 
> > >and present-life links with Hitler in my book.  You don't want 
> > >miss 
> > >that. It is almost an entire chapter. 
> > >
> > >Netemara
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As you read in my other post here, I said that very thing Hitler 
surrounded himself with those who were occultist. This he has done 
in past lives and in the present life.  He is simply more of an 
artistic type at heart believe it or not.  

I have researched Steiner because he was a big influence on Germany, 
and broke away from HPB. I mean he comes off not so much as a demi-
god but more like the dark power behind all dark powers on earth.  
He gives me the creeps. Besides he has many new followers who have 
this fixation with "Michael" prophecy or channeling somebody or 

I thought about the Steiner connection but actually it failed to 
register with me as any important influence on Hitler himself. Why? 
Because his first love is astrology. He was obsessed with astrology 
more so than pure occult things. They were over his head. He is not 
as bright as many give him credit.

He surrounded himself with occultists and most of all astrologers, 
and Himmler and Goebels are both important to him.

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