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Intelligent Design Argument - Does disproof of scientific materialism = proof of theosophy?

Feb 27, 2006 05:09 PM
by leonmaurer


Could this argument (see web sites below) -- definitively disproving, not 
evolution itself, but "the materialistic or naturalistic concept of evolution by 
random mutation" -- be the final proof of the fundamental truths put forth by 
ancient theosophy? 
Doesn't it also prove that there must be a "thinking mind" prior to a brain 
or any organized form of nature down to the smallest microbe?

Wouldn't that also prove that both will and awareness (consciousness) is the 
inherent nature of the Universe (Cosmos) right from the beginning?

Wouldn't it further prove that "God" can only be the "consciousness" of the 
Universal Mind -- that is an integral part of and directly linked to all of 

Could this linkage simply be the (essentially magnetic field) coding of the 
DNA and its near infinite combinatorial potentialities of metaphysical and 
physical field formations?   Wouldn't this DNA code have to be prerecorded in the 
absolute primal space itself prior to the physical appearance of the Cosmos?   
Could we speculate as to what form that recording would have to be under such 
conditions?   Mightn't it be in the holographic interference patterns of spin 
motion (absolute angular momentum) at the zero-point of pre-cosmic primal 
space?   Why not?

Doesn't this also imply that such a "Universal Mind" must be part of the 
"coadunate but not consubstantial fields" of higher order energy that must exist 
(albeit invisibly as part of the "Vacuum" or Planck space between the quantum 
particles) within and around all forms of matter?   Mightn't this imply 
further, that "consciousness" is the inherent nature of the zero-point of primal 
beginning itself?   Isn't that point replicated everywhere within the "empty" 
space between every quantum particle?   

Could one of those zero-points of consciousness be at the center of each of 
our individual body fields?   Is there one such point in each of us that 
represents our particular self consciousness?   Couldn't all those points inside our 
body field be linked to each other by "entaglement" with that (our) 
individual point of self consciousness?   Wouldn't this account for the non locality of 
our awareness -- such as feeling a pain at the end of our finger?    

Could this argument be the basis of the ultimate proof that will finally 
topple scientific materialism as it pertains to evolution once and for all, and 
justify the theosophical ideas about the eternality of individual consciousness, 
awareness, will and the higher or intuitive mind -- while simultaneously 
verifying the truths of karma and reincarnation as immutable laws of nature?   
Could this argument also prove the truth of the adage "As ye shall sow, so ye 
shall reap" on all levels of consciousness?

Check it out for yourself, and enjoy the trip.

Unless your mind isn't completely blinded by conditioned beliefs in a 
personal God (or in atheism or scientific materialism;-) -- you'll be glad you took 
it. </:-)> 

(If you are a scientist currently involved in consciousness and mind studies, 
I would expect to hear as a response to this argument, either an unassailable 
counter argument proving both materialism and evolution by random mutation, 
or a reasonable theory of consciousness (awareness, will, memory, mind, etc.) 
that doesn't require a causative material basis. :-) 

Language, DNA and Intelligent Design   

Information Theory and DNA: Me vs. 30 Atheists

"Information Theory stands as perhaps the strongest argument against 
scientific naturalism - because there is no naturalistic explanation for the existence 
of information." (Perry Marshall)

“Information is information, neither matter nor energy. Any materialism that 
fails to take account of this will not survive one day.” (Norbert Weiner. MIT 
mathematician and founder of Cybernetics)

What argument could we add to disprove the idea of a separate personal God, 
and thereby, the entire basis of "Creationism" as taught by the churches and 
other non secular religionists?   

Best wishes,


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