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Re: Theos-World Did Daniel Committ Fraud?

Feb 27, 2006 11:58 AM
by Jerry Hejka-Ekins

Dear Leon, Carlos, Ramadoss, Friends,

May I repeat again my view that the importance of this issue is not about the persons in question: alleged or real. Rather, the issue Paul Johnson raised affords us an opportunity to become more deeply aware of the kind of dynamics that have and do occur on this and other discussion boards.
The Internet has demonstrated the potential to enhance our lives with valuable information about ourselves and the world in which we live. It has also demonstrated the potential to be disturbing, insidious, corrupting and time wasting.
I believe that both Daniel Caldwell and Paul Johnson have quite a lot of value to contribute to this discussion board and I hope to hear more from both of them in the future. My concern is that we get past the pathology that surfaced many years ago, initially around Caldwell and Johnson, then slowly began to entangle other individuals and their associated organizations on this discussion board. I watched it develop and expand for over ten years, and to my regret, have been more than once sucked into it. The game has weaved its damage, and a lot of people have been hurt by it. Now, I hope that the time has come when we can all recognize the destructive dynamics for what they are, and neither passively stand by nor actively support them when they occur again. Once that is learned we can all move on with our lives, and we will have a better discussion environment for everyone.
Of all of the philosophical writings I have become acquainted, Theosophy has been the most broadening for me. I believe that most participants on this board have similar sentiments. It is in this direction of deepening our insights into the nature of the universe and into ourselves, where I believe this discussion board has the most to contribute.
I am also deeply interested in Theosophical history, and believe that much productive discussion is still to be done along these lines. But, personally, I have grown weary of seeing this board being used as a weapon to belittle other contributors, their Theosophical traditions, and beliefs that some contributor happens to disagree with.
Best wishes,
Jerry wrote:

In a message dated 2/25/06 10:27:48 AM, writes:

Dear Friends,

Yes, I am getting really curious about all of this.

A lawsuit against Paul? It might be most unlikely.

Why not such a sub-threat as a way to try to bully people psychologically?

You can bully some people all the time, you can bully all people for
some time, but you cannot bully all people all the time.

And I am still waiting for Danniel's clarifications. Maybe he is

Really curious as Ethics is of the essence for us.

Best regards, Carlos.

So you say...
And, how ethical is your continued hounding of Caldwell through not so subtle accusative implications of his guilt by means of subtly sly reverse innuendo's (not to mention your repetitive subject lines with his name constantly being impugned) whenever you see an opportunity? He may be innocent as you say, and undeserving of such treatment... But in such a case, you certainly would not be in the eyes of any perceptive theosophist on this list.
What you are doing by such widespread and repetitive public disclosure of a personal suspicion so as to influence the thoughts of others -- you call "friends" (but whom are not necessarily so) -- appears to this observer to be highly unethical, from both a legal and a theosophical point of view.
In addition, passing the libel and slander buck back to Paul, as well as adding further implications that Caldwell is a bully as well as a fraud, doesn't appear to be so ethical either... Especially, when you are safe behind a foreign border.
In addition, your flooding of this list with your repetitive side issues, has almost completely shoved the discussion of theosophy into the mud and covered it over with slime in the form of gossip -- that would, in my view, make HPB disown you as her chela (if you ever were or could be one:)
So far, all you seem to be doing is dominating this theosophical forum and spreading tension, apprehension, and dissension among its members. (Not to mention wasting my time reading and responding to your overly repetitive and boring letters whenever they go beyond the boundaries of theosophically useful or interesting information.) Stating your opinions about long dead teachers or members of this forum once -- is enough.

From: Bill Meredith <>
Subject: Re: Theos-World Did Daniel Create False Persons?
Date: Thu, 23 Feb 2006 20:06:12 -0500

LOL John, I think your last sentence might also accurately convey the
inquiring attitude of those who have raised the question of whether
Daniel and David are one and the same. "I don't really know if that is
what Daniel is doing but I wouldn't be a bit surprised, lol."

I googled for some information on the formal court case you reference
below and came up empty handed. Still googling is a learned skill
which I have not mastered, so maybe you could send me the reference, so
I could "compare and contrast" the various points of view in the
specific case to which you are referring.

bill wrote:

I don't necessarily see Daniel's absence as unusual under the

of the organized, preconceived, pre-agreed poison pen attack. I rather

he is probably having to spend considerable time with his legal consul

together a well prepared brief for a court case. I recall that within
the last

90 days there was a formal court case here in the USA by a member of

Yahoo Group who was subjected to defamation, slander, and libel, that

took the parties to court and the court for the first time ruled in
favor of

the plaintiff and set precedence in the award of damages to the yahoo
Group Member. I don't really know if that is what Daniel is doing but I
wouldn't be a bit surprised, lol.


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