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Feb 27, 2006 09:10 AM
by soulsurvivor7771

Carlos, this is a new low. Now you want us to judge CWL's works on 
the basis of HPB's personal likes and dislikes. This is even lamer 
than your earlier attempts at nit-picking differences between his 
writings and your dogma, then ridiculing his writings on Mars and 
later questioning his methods.

Your very statement about 'hypocrites' and 'false courtesy' 
disregards the Master's advice not to throw slurs or denounce 
another theosophist.

As for your toilet humor, a permutation of your initials gives CAC 
which means something unpleasant in certain languages (I couldn't 
bring myself to use it in a subject line). 

If you have something to say about CWL and his works, please do so 
once and for all and move on to something else (or you could write a 
book, if you can cobble together enough insinuations). We really do 
not need this daily dose of CAC.


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> Pedro is right once more in quoting the Mahatma Letters and H.P.B.
> We should all thank him for that (see below).
> Yet things are not always mechanical, especially in the spiritual 
> where appearances
> and the dead letter of formality are most often astutely used as a 
> curtain to hide truth.
> For instance,when Leadbeater came back to London, after being in 
> and in Ceylon, he was sometimes referred to by the Old Lady as "W. 
> Leadbeater". And,
> of course, he was never admitted to her Esoteric School as long as 
> lived.
> Hypocrites,  never real occultists,  use false courtesy as an 
excuse to 
> justify their lies.
> Gregory Tillett writes in his illuminating biography of 
C.W.L., "The Elder 
> Brother":
> "One is led to wonder why H.P.B. herself seems to have had no time 
> Leadbeater after his return from Ceylon. She did not admit him to 
her own 
> Esoteric Section of the Theosophical Society, and it is said that 
she would 
> refer to him, when is a less charitable mood, as 'W.C. 
> Certainly he was completely absent from H.P.B.'s circle between 
his return 
> to England in 1889 and her death in 1891. From being a rising 
> sacrificing all to follow H.P.B. to India at the Master's 
instructions, a 
> "chela" of whom she had such high hopes, he was now relegated to 
> supporting role of a small fish in a large esoteric pond. His work 
in Ceylon 
> was ignored, the psychic powers which he said he had gained whilst 
at Adyar 
> were unacknowledged, and his contacts with the Master 
unrecognized -- 
> except, of course, by Sinnett who employed him as a medium for 
contact with 
> the Master, physical letters having ceased to appear.  The 
messages received 
> from [... the Master] via Leadbeater conflicted strangely with the 
> of the same Master given out by H.P.B." (1)
> In fact, Leadbeater was NOT in a supporting role, though.  He was 
taking a 
> leading  part in the nursery and origin of all subsequent 
illusions and 
> mayavic ideations which would lead the largest of theosophical 
> astray along 20th century.  HPB was very frank in her criticism of 
> mediumnistic pseudo-contacts with the Mahatmas.
> Best regards,  Carlos.
> O o o O o o O o o O o o O o o O
> Note:
> (1)  See page 54 of  "The Elder Brother, a Biography of Charles 
> Leadbeater", by Gregory Tillett, Routledge & Kegan Paul --  
London, Boston, 
> Melbourne and Henley,  1982, 337 pages.
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> >Subject: Theos-World Dangers on the Path (III)
> >Date: Sun, 26 Feb 2006 19:40:42 -0000
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> >According to Madame Blavatsky, the following advice was received 
> >her from a Master. It is included at the end of the text "The
> >Original Programme of The Theosophical Society".
> >
> >
> >"Theosophy must not represent merely a collection of moral 
> >a bundle of metaphysical Ethics epitomized in theoretical
> >dissertations. Theosophy must be made practical, and has, 
> >to be disencumbered of useless discussion . . . It has to find
> >objective expression in an all-embracing code of life thoroughly
> >impregnated with its spirit -- the spirit of mutual tolerance,
> >charity and love. Its followers have to set the example of a 
> >outlined and as firmly applied morality before they get the right 
> >point out, even in a spirit of kindness, the absence of a like 
> >Unity and singleness of purpose in other associations and
> >individuals. As said before -- no Theosophist should blame a 
> >whether within or outside of the association, throw slur upon his
> >actions or denounce him {It is in consequence of this letter that
> >Art. XII was adopted in Rules and a fear of lacking the charity
> >prescribed, that led so often to neglect its enforcement.} lest he
> >should himself lose the right of being considered a theosophist.
> >Ever turn away your gaze from the imperfections of your neighbour
> >and centre rather your attention upon your own shortcomings in 
> >to correct them and become wiser . . . Show not the disparity
> >between claim and action in another man but -- whether he be 
> >or neighbour -- rather help him in his arduous walk in life . . ."
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