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Re: Should theos-talk go into a brief Pralaya? Is Truth Too High An Ideal?

Feb 27, 2006 08:09 AM
by nhcareyta

--- In, "M K Ramadoss" <mkr777@...> wrote:
> The seeds for recent spate of msgs seem to have been  planted over 
> years.
> Given time, things come back to normal in all un-moderated 
maillists. Only a
> little thick skin and patience is all that is needed & we all will 
see a
> brighter day soon.
> In friendship to all.
> mkr
> On 2/26/06, prmoliveira <prmoliveira@...> wrote:
> >
> > Recently we have read on this list repeated accusations, slanders,
> > character-assassination, implied legal threats, and what in 
> > language is generally referred to as bloody-mindedness.
> >
> > In view of the above, should Theos-Talk go into a brief Pralaya in
> > order to refresh itself, through reflection, meditation and 
> > kindness, or should it change its name to THEOS-FIGHT and make a 
> > mockery of its declared intent - "Discussion on topics regarding
> > Theosophy (or theosophy) and its realization in the modern world"?
> >
> > With antipodal sadness,
> >
> > Pedro Oliveira

Dear Mkr, Pedro, Carlos et al

Mkr, thank you for your words of understanding, experience and hope.
Pedro, your sadness may perhaps be shared by those who prefer a more 
harmonious state of proceedings.
My questions concern the nature of harmony and at what price?
It would appear that the preferred state of true Harmony doesn't 
always equate with calm, considered gentility. In fact, a veneer of 
so-called harmony can hide a multitude of sins. 
Perhaps we might ponder a number of questions? 
For how long should we tolerate a tyrant, bully or liar in the hope 
of harmony? History provides us with examples to consider. 
Should we, and if so for how long, tolerate someone who challenges 
our cherished beliefs? 
Should confrontation be permitted in an educated society? Should we 
ban it, or should we remain mute, hoping for the dust to settle so 
that we may continue as before? 
Where are the lines to be drawn between these extremes? Are courage 
and cowardice to be considered? Does motive play a role?
In this time of heightened tension, it is apparent that some here on 
theos-talk, feel aggrieved at what they perceive has happened to 
Theosophy and its principles, in terms of some of the Theosophical 
organisations and their representatives. 
Some have discovered that they might have been deceived into thinking 
that their organisation was honest and trustworthy in such matters as 
history, openness of debate and truth in reporting. 
Perhaps they don't accept that there can be a different moral and 
ethical perspective for some when comparing genuine truth, honesty 
and integrity with the "truth", "honesty" and "integrity" of 
organisational structures and their actual or supportive 
Leaders, representatives and supporters can honestly believe that 
protecting their organisation or cherished beliefs is of the highest 
moral worth. In spite of the most altruistic motive this belief can 
be consciously or unconsciously  exacerbated where individual 
livelihoods with salary and/or power are a consideration. A situation 
such as this can lead to a significant, internal dilemma for those 
individuals who are genuinely concerned with the search for truth and 
who may have the role of facilitating their membership towards 
genuine Harmony. It is a spiritual opportunity of considerable 
significance and is no easy task.
Is deception therefore, in any of its forms, harmonious and 
theosophical, even whilst in the process of protecting an 
institution, its membership or revered representative? 
At what stage and at what cost do we sacrifice truth, honesty and 
integrity for the sake of well-meaning protectionism? 
However well motivated we might be in our attempts to keep 
opinionated people from argument or worse, is peace at all costs the 

If truth is sacrificed for "peace" and "harmony", can Truth and 
Harmony ever arise, or must the merry-go-round continue endlessly?

Satyam Nasti Paro Dharma.

Loving regards to all

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