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Feb 27, 2006 06:11 AM
by carlosaveline cardoso aveline


You fail to acknowledge the simple fact that
my source is A.P. Sinnett's Autobiography,
a source validated by C. Jinarajadasa and not
questioned -- not even by you, yourself.

CWL's fancies started in Mr. Sinnett's
inner group. You know that.     Carlos.

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> A. P. Sinnett's Autobiography Reveals
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> Dear Friends,
> The starting point  of C.W. Leadbeater's "clairvoyance" is honestly
> in the "Autobiography" written by  Alfred P.  Sinnett (see
> note below).
> Since Mr. Leadbeater got back to London, a few years after
receiving a
> couple of letters from a Mahatma, he never joined the Esoteric
> founded by H.P. Blavatsky.  Any true disciple or lay disciple would
> certainly do that, but he didn't.
> Instead,  Leadbeater joined the "inner group" of the London Lodge,
> by Alfred P. Sinnett. All contact between Sinnett and the Mahatmas
> ceased, but fancies quickly came in to replace actual contact.
> with HPB's students were most  tense and uneasy.
> Since 1887, this "inner group"  promoted and "mesmeric sittings'
believed to
> have mediumnistic conversations with one of the Masters through a
> named "Mary" by Mr. Sinnett.  "Mary's" real name was Maude
Travers.  (In
> 1893, she married Mr. Scott-Elliot, a member of this "inner group".)
> Such pseudo-contacts with the Masters  and other similar
> attempts were commented by H. P. Blavatsky in her book "The Key to
> Theosophy", published in 1889. Her words seem to foretell and
describe  most
>   of what C.W. Leadbeater and Annie Besnat would do in later
years.  Yet
> the whole process of illusions actually started in Mr.
Sinnett's "inner
> group" and during HPB's life.  She wroite:
> "Great are the desecrations to which the names of two of our
Masters have
> been subjected. There is hardly a medium who has not claimed to
have seen
> them. Every bogus swindling Society, for commercial purposes, now
claims to
> be guided  by `Masters', often supposed to be far higher than ours!
Many and
> heavy are the sins of those who advanced these claims, prompted
either by
> desire for lucre, vanity, or irresponsible mediumship. (...) Worst
of all,
> the sacred names of Occultism and the holy keepers  thereof have
> dragged in this filthy mire, polluted by being associated with
> motives and immoral practices, while thousands of men have been
held back
> from the path of truth and light through the discredit and evil
report which
> such shams, swindles and frauds have brought  upon the whole
subject." ("The
> Key to Theosophy", HPB, The Theosophy Co., 1987, pp. 298-299)
> Note the  important expression "immoral practices".
> It was indeed in Mr. Sinnett's "inner circle" that C.W.
> imaginary clairvoyance and false contact with the Masters began.
Also the
> pseudo-informations about Martian civilization started there.
> In the page 48 of his Autobiography, Mr. Sinnett reveals how the
then "Outer
> Head" of  the Esoteric School (Adyar) , Annie Besant, was
personally brought
> into his unfortunate mediumnistic séances in 1894.   Soon
Leadbeater was
> "adopted" by her as an "occult"  consellor:
> "Perhaps Mrs. Besant's regard for Leadbeater may be explained in
this way.
> She had been admitted by her own request to the meetings of our
London Lodge
> group in June 1894. Up to that time her psychic faculties had not
>   Leadbeater was one of the most important elements in our group –
Mary of
> course the other. (...) I do not know exactly how the idea arose
that  he
> would (...) go to live at the Avenue Road and help the work going
on there
> (...)."
> Earlier that same year of 1894, the persecution had begun against
> William Q. Judge, a long-standing chela and a loyal friend to
H.P.B. The aim
> was  – political power.  It is ironical that W. Q. Judge was
> precisely  of that which Mr. Sinnett, C.W.L. and Annie Besant  were
> personally doing. A  campaign of rumours stated that Judge
had  "false
> contacts with the Masters".
> What's the practical importance of these events to us?
> In the first decades of the 21st century,  it seems to be the right
time for
> us to accept the facts, to drop fancies and false ritualisms, to
> common sense and to take the Mahatmas's pedagogy more seriously at
> Such a pedagogy points to the autonomy of the learner and lay
disciple; to
> the need for  frankness, truthfulness and unity in diversity.
> Best regards,  Carlos Cardoso Aveline
> O o o O o o O o o O o o O o o O
> Mr. A. P. Sinnett's "Autobiography" was published by "Theosophical
> Center", London,   in 1986 (65 pp.).
> On the personal identity of "Mary", see the magazine "Theosophical
> April 1987, p. 52, which has a commentary by C. Jinarajadasa on
> Sinnett's "Autobiography".  See also the short note "Mary
Unveiled", by
> Michelle G. Graye and Daniel H. Caldwell, in "Theosophical
> October 1986, pp.205-207.  (CCA)
> O o o O o o O o o O o o O o o O
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