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Re: Theos-World Hitler's associates were occultists

Feb 27, 2006 05:21 AM
by krsanna

Another factor that keeps the lid on the Nazis is that many German 
scholars shy away from the Nazis.  I recently found this during a 
search to fill a German professor search.  One of the candidates 
spoke about her research indicating that the origin of extreme 
racism was in African colonies, where various solutions to the 
problem originated.  During her talk she mentioned that when she was 
in high school in Germany, nobody talked about these things.

The German interview committee were not very impressed with the 
woman, for reasons that were not clearly verbalized, albeit she was 
the first German scholar in this section who openly spoke about the 
Nazis.  When I saw the quiet response to her topic, I realized she 
had gone over the top for the German scholars interviewing her.  
Doing one's own research of a controversial nature and presenting it 
for a job interview are two different things.

The History Channel is clearly a popular media where one would hope 
to get some factual data but little valuable scholarship, except as 
it had been prepared for the popular media.

I guess, based on another communication on this list, that the 
expedition to Tibet I recall was associated with Himmler.  I'm not 
very interested in the Nazis and focus far more attention on native 


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> I know  this sounds wild, but I did see it on the History 
Channel.  I 
> get the  names of Hitler's close associates mixed up - Goebbels, 
> Himmler,  etc.  They all sound like a bunch of Nazis to me.   
> It's all the German names.  They get confusing.
> That Hitler's henchstaff (with the possible exception of Goering 
who was  
> simply a drug addict) were into varying degrees of occultism is 
well known and  
> documented by far better sources than the History Channel, which 
> makes  hash of history, but the degree of Hitler's personal 
involvement has never 
> been  agreed upon, probably because the source material is in 
German and no 
> one can  understand it.
> Chuck the Heretic
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