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Re: People in astral plane (AnandGholap.Net-Online Theosophy)

Feb 27, 2006 01:08 AM
by plcoles1

Hello Anand, Welcome back to theos talk, I was wondering what had happened to you , as I 
hadn't seen you post on here for a while.



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>  "Man's various forces and qualities, manifesting in his bodies as vibrations, send out for 
each vehicle what may be called a keynote. Take his astral body as an example. From the 
number of different vibrations which are habitual to that astral body there emerges a sort 
of average tone, which we may call the keynote of this man on the astral plane. It is 
obviously conceivable that there may be a considerable number of ordinary men whose 
astral keynote is practically the same, so that this alone would not suffice to distinguish 
them with certainty. But there is a similar average tone for each man's mental body, for his 
causal body, and even for the etheric part of his physical body; and there have never yet 
been found two persons whose keynotes were identical at all these levels, so as to make 
exactly the same chord when struck simultaneously. Therefore the chord of each man is 
unique, and furnishes a means by which he can always be distinguished from the rest of 
the world. Among millions of primitive savages there may possibly be cases where 
development is as yet so slight that the chords are scarcely clear enough for the 
differences between them to be observed, but with any of the higher races there is never 
the least difficulty, nor is there any risk of confusion. 
>                   3.                                                Whether the man be sleeping or waking, 
living or dead, his chord remains the same, and he can always be found by it. How can this 
be so, it may be asked, when he is resting in the heaven-world, and has therefore no 
astral or etheric body to emit the characteristic sound? So long as the causal body itself 
remains, it has always attached to it its permanent atoms, one belonging to each of the 
planes, and therefore, wherever he goes, the man in his causal body carries his chord with 
him, for the single atom is quite sufficient to give out the distinctive sound. "
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