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Re: Theosophical discoveries in space

Feb 27, 2006 00:18 AM
by Konstantin Zaitzev

--- In, Theo Paijmans wrote:

> I find this a very interesting remark. Could you elaborate on 
> Give me bibliographical sources (other than T. B.L. VIII) and what 
was the context? So if I am to understand this quote correctly, the 
sun is perceived as a negative influence? How did this idea develop 
inside theosophy?

Really, it was somewhat out of context. In "Transactions" the visible 
Sun is described as outer husk of a real Sun preventing us of being 
burned in a moment. In this respect the visible Sun is negative to 
real Sun. The Sun was also somewhere described as a visible focus of 
all life and light of our system. In this respect it cannot be called 
the source, but it cannot be called "vampirizing" anyway. In Mahatma 
Letters the Sun is called a big node of electro-magnetic forces.

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