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Civilization One

Feb 26, 2006 09:35 PM
by krsanna

A great book, recently published, dealling with the ancient use of 
geodetic measures in stunning ways is "Civilization One."  I will not 
spoil it by telling you what it is about, except that it deals with 
precise (very precise) measures used in the megaliths in the British 
Isles and Brittany.  Factors of these measures were used in Babylonia, 
Greece, and, were shadowed in Egypt.  

Heretofore, the megalith builders have been considered sort of 
Neanderthal bumblers, but "Civilizaton One" shows that they were using 
exquisitely measurements that are still found in the weights and 
measures used today.  

The string between the megalithic inch and weights and measures has 
just been lost for a while.


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