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soli-lunar measures in pyramid sites

Feb 26, 2006 09:29 PM
by krsanna

Several values you mention here are exactly the same at Teotihuacan, 
when one uses a meter by the twelfth root of two as the base measure 
for the site.  When this is used as the base measure, 432, 216 and 
108 and others are used as signal points between key structures in 
the pyramid center with numerous Pythagorean triangles.  

I began looking into the pyramid center at Teotihuacan because I 
discovered two crop circles -- one in Washington and one in New 
York -- that form an equilateral triangle with the pyramid center, 
with a distance of 2,160 miles (within .01%) on each side.  When I 
started studying Teotihuacan to find out what was there, I was 

You may have seen the crop-circle pyramid triangle article on my web 
site.  If you look at it, be sure to click on the photos of the crop 
circles to pull up the diagrams I made showing the orientation of 
the crop circles to magnetic north.  

Magnetic north began rapidly moving in 1994, the years after the 
crop circles were made.  Magnetic north is now moving so rapidly it 
is expected to be in Siberia within 50 years at the present rate.  
This does not consider that the speed could continue to increase.

I've found the relationship between Teotihuacan and the Great 
Pyramid in pretty basic mathematics.  (It's not on my web site but 
in hard copy.  Teotihuacan has an unique relationship with the Great 
Pyramid and the calendar.  Together they form sort of a bracket that 
defines planetary rotation.

I started looking at the relationshp of these with the Vedas after 
reading Blavatsky.  I found several references to "Vedic 
Mathematics" by Googling after we talked and a reference in 
Wikipedia, which is pretty good.

Blavatsky called Krishna the Sun-god, and that gave me a place to 
start with the Vedas and the sun.  At the time of Krishna's death in 
3102 BCE, the 5th race was starting to incarnate in India.  I 
applied this symbolism to correlate some basic solar data in an 
article I wrote entitled, "The Death Of The Sun God and Ancient 
American Codices" if you would like to see it.  The Mayan long count 
started in 3113 BCE.  

Teotihuacan was not excavated at the time Blavatsky visited Mexico 
and the literature associated with the ancient traditions of Mexico 
had been totally destroyed.  In fact, Teotihuacan is not yet fully 
excavated today.

The true history of Teotihuacan is beginning to be extracted from 
Aztec mythology.  The Aztecs never had any direct association with 
the builders of Teotihuacan, who remain unknown to this day.

By the way, I live in Missoula, MT now, but I have had some 
correspence with James Gilliland at White Trout Lake.  I stopped 
looking for the craft years ago, when I reckoned with  the reality 
that visuals of the craft aren't worth a hill of beans in and of 
themselves.  I took an entirely different tack in observing and 
dealinlg with the phenomona.


--- In, samblo@... wro
   Thanks for your reply and comments. The Sun is 864,000 miles in 
this value was known to the ancient astronomers of India. the values 
864, 432, 
216, 108 etc. are ubiquitous and are multiple use item.  A sign of 
the Zodiac 
is 2160 years long (216 or 6x6x6x10). The Kings chamber has a volume 
of 1296 
cubic feet a multiple of 6 and 1296 is 1/20 of the solar year of 
25,920 years. 
Sun and Moon dimensions as base numerical values are really 
interesting. Give 
me a couple days, I will look for my receipt for the last copy I 
purchased of 
Vedic Mathematics with the Vedanta data on it, I will also try to 
call them 
here and get the lady's name who I spoke with to get the book, I 
remembered, she also knew Daniel P. Fry, we had a long conversation 
about UFO and him, 
she has had contact experience when she was younger.

   Being in Washington do you know about the Self Mastery Center 
near White 
Trout Lake and all the video of the Craft they have taken up there?

Best regards,

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