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Re: Theos-World The trick with psychics, saints, and psychotics

Feb 26, 2006 05:29 PM
by samblo

    Yes, but it was the Brian Scott Case. I'm Maxi (nickname). Yes, that is 
what one of the two "inspectors" did, in fact he didn't really seem to know how 
to smoke a cigarette much less understand how to use a bic Lighter, they were 
very normal looking young men neither looked older than 32 years. One had 
close wavy red hair. They both wore white shirts and ties with college style 
sports jacket. I was standing next to Bill in his kitchen when the guy asked for 
the cigarette.

    It was highly strange and very phenomenal and paranormal from late 1975 
through 1981. for me it continued for several more years. Bill probably told 
you about the time we took a trip and traveled 148 miles in 37 minutes and what 
Happened at Calico, that was in my car, I was the driver, totally weird day 
that was, lol. What Bill told you about the strangeness I will validate, I was 
with him when most of it happened and an awful lot by myself too.

    Yes, I knew Connie as well as Bill, after they divorced she moved to No. 
Ca. and started a Ranch with a friend of both her and Bill. Connie had a long 
struggle with Cancer for several years. She passed away May 8th 2 years ago. 
She often stayed over at my place while tripping back and forth between no. and 
So. Ca., she always spent some time reading the I-Ching here before going to 
sleep, she had remarried  and that husband passed, on a man named Thibedou if 
I'm spelling that right. I still have a fairly complete archive of all the 
Brian Scott Case materials and the "Teachings of Space" Tapes as well as tapes of 
the time Bill, Connie and I took the "Recognition" process. I have the tape 
of the Time tunnel trip. I also have materials Jim Frazier provided me with 
color photos of He and Brain at Tiahuanaco, Cuzco on Christmas Day in the square 
at Cusco with thousands of children and people mobbing Brian who was in full 
projection state. Brain's full name was Brian Alan Scott (BAS)  and I guess you 
already know about his Jaguar and Spider.

  Yes, Bill published in the Mufon Journal and on web sites, in his authored 
books and articles about the Brian Scott case. You mentioned Leo Sprinkle on 
your website, for a time Jim Frazier was in communication with Leo about the 
Brian Scott Case also.

Best regards,

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