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Re: Theos-World The trick with psychics, saints, and psychotics

Feb 26, 2006 01:11 PM
by samblo

    Thanks for your comments and reply. The STS-80 came many years after the 
STS-48, it happened in Dec. 1996. there are 63 Unknowns that can be seen in 
the 9 minutes of the active segment of the live video from the Shuttle. Some are 
very small strobing points of stationary lights far below (the shuttle was I 
think 285 miles altitude then) above the clouds of the earth. there were a 
number of what we call "Fastwalkers" zipping past. The major events were two, one 
being a triangular unknown with convex edges came into view soaring past the 
shuttle and proceeding to descend down to the cloud layer far below where it 
"parked" in a seeming stationary position above the clouds, shortly thereafter 
another triangular unknown rose up out of the cloud layer and appeared into 
view. It proceed to the left slowly and was joined on either side by two of the 
stationary strobing small lights whereupon the three unknowns then continued 
to the left. The original large triangular unknown having ended it's stationary 
halt proceeded to the right towards the eastern limb of the Earth. This was 
the most remarkable exhibition I have ever seen in any of the Shuttle Missions. 
I was so excited It thought this must be corollary to "Independence Day" lol! 
One most unique feature that pre-omened the appearance of the unknowns was a 
most unusual "resetting and calibrating" of the onboard shuttle cameras. A 
most unusual brightening in a "halo-like" manner appeared which never before had 
been a featured in any of the previous Missions. My determination is they had 
upgraded the onboard cameras to be able to view in the Ultraviolet Spectrum 
and the appearance of so many unknowns is directly coordinate to that feature in 
the upgrade.

The Egyptian "Hu" Glyph looks like a caduceus with the top end closed to form 
a loop

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>>5.  The "blinking out" associated with some UFO / ET contacts 
is a great topic.<<

   Yes, When I read "Tibet and Tulku" I found a great deal of similar 
correlation's, it facilitated giving me a POV that was most instructive, at the time 
I and Bill Hamilton were engaged in a protracted "twilight Zone" experience 
due to Rapport of an Experiencer case, we were required to send the Experiencer 
to Bolivia to the Gate of the Sun Tiahuanaco for Transformation twice. the 
first on DEC. 22, 1976 and the second on June 33, 1977. During that period we had 
two strangers come to Bill's home claiming to be "health inspectors" and 
asking to come in, their vibes were very disturbing, so much so I pulled my aura 
close in to myself. They finished and departed and while they were there they 
exhibited some strange anomalous behavior. When they went out the back door we 
followed out after them but they literally had disappeared and were nowhere to 
be found.


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