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Dangers on the Path (III)

Feb 26, 2006 11:44 AM
by prmoliveira

According to Madame Blavatsky, the following advice was received by 
her from a Master. It is included at the end of the text "The 
Original Programme of The Theosophical Society". 

"Theosophy must not represent merely a collection of moral verities, 
a bundle of metaphysical Ethics epitomized in theoretical 
dissertations. Theosophy must be made practical, and has, therefore, 
to be disencumbered of useless discussion . . . It has to find 
objective expression in an all-embracing code of life thoroughly 
impregnated with its spirit -- the spirit of mutual tolerance, 
charity and love. Its followers have to set the example of a firmly 
outlined and as firmly applied morality before they get the right to 
point out, even in a spirit of kindness, the absence of a like ethic 
Unity and singleness of purpose in other associations and 
individuals. As said before -- no Theosophist should blame a brother 
whether within or outside of the association, throw slur upon his 
actions or denounce him {It is in consequence of this letter that 
Art. XII was adopted in Rules and a fear of lacking the charity 
prescribed, that led so often to neglect its enforcement.} lest he 
should himself lose the right of being considered a theosophist. 
Ever turn away your gaze from the imperfections of your neighbour 
and centre rather your attention upon your own shortcomings in order 
to correct them and become wiser . . . Show not the disparity 
between claim and action in another man but -- whether he be brother 
or neighbour -- rather help him in his arduous walk in life . . ."



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