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Who & what TimeStar is

Feb 26, 2006 09:16 AM
by krsanna

I didn't intend to introduce the TimeStar geometry in this list, but 
since you ask I'll tell you a little about it.  

All the geometries that Blavatsky poses in the "Stanzas" 
of "The Secret Doctrine" are embedded in the TimeStar.  I already 
loved the "Proem" by the time I read the "Stanzas," but the 
exquisite geometries of the "Stanzas" were a case of true love for 
me.  I initially called gave the TimeStar its name because of 
correspondences with the ratios of the 260-day calendar of the Mayan 
timekeeping system, comprised of 17 calendars. 

TimeStar is a geometry of five interpenetrated tetrahedra that 
embody and unify all prime geometries, which, coincidently, parallel 
the numbers and ratios of the 260-day calendar used with the "proto-
Mayan" calendar.  A stellated dodecahedron is easily recognizable in 
it, but, when constructed as five interpenetrated dodecahedra, the 
prime geometries work within the larger dodecahedron and 

I've been working with this geometry and the proto-Mayan calendar 
since 1993 and integrating spatial components with it in 1995.  I 
first identified the spatial components of the TimeStar 
with the calendar was February 14, 1995.  

I noticed suspicions comments about who is posting under what name 
in this list when I first looked through it before joining, and it 
looks like some hide-and-seek is being played here.  I don't waste 
my time on that sort of intrigue.  I came here to discuss Blavatsky 
and issues of The Theosophical Movement.  

Krsanna Duran

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