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To John: Did Daniel Committ Fraud?

Feb 26, 2006 08:19 AM
by carlosaveline cardoso aveline

Dear John,

I have a sincere respect for you viewpoint.

I also happen to believe that truth can only be understood, even partially, when looked at from different points of view.

As to the suspitions of fraud possibly made by Daniel, what I believe to be significantly damaging to Daniel Caldwell is his silence on the issue

Until recently, Daniel H. Caldwell had many things to say in Theos-talk. But when confronted with Paul's documented view of his possible fraud involving the forgery of false persons, Daniel suddenly disappeared. Instead of explaining the possible mistakes done by Paul Johnson, Daniel just got shy and disappeared. One can only think that Paul is right.

The rumours about Daniel doing such frauds have being circulating for several years among long-standing theosolphists.

They had already been unanimously accepted, as long as I know, among experienced students from SEVERAL theosophical groups and institutions.

Some three weeks ago, Paul Johnson came to the public with some documented texts about this.

It was an important contribution for the clarification of the whole thing. It was an opportunity for Daniel to clarify. Yet he got dumb so far.

Perhaps you can help us get to the truth. I am still waiting for clarifications but both time and Daniel's silence seem to work against Daniel's innocence.

Best regards, Carlos.

Subject: Re: Theos-World Did Daniel Committ Fraud?
Date: Sat, 25 Feb 2006 16:15:47 EST

I do find the interpretation of my post about taking this issue to court
as being any form of threat high satire, lol. My view is the court is a proper
venue to settle this issue between both sides of the topic, not one side, both
sides. Both sides have equal opportunity before a court not just one side or
position. A court can settle the issue that apparently disturbs some parties
posting on this Forum. Paul can take Daniel to court. Daniel can take Paul to
court. Equal opportunity for all. Where is a threat in stating what is plain to
any one? I have been here since 1999 and no one has ever seen me make any
form of threat to any one nor do I ever intend too. From what has been posted by
the parties that claim Daniel did such and such they seem to indicate that
they are unable to obtain a "confession" from the person they consider "Guilty"
before proven innocent. If the proof in their possession is so convincing and
irrefutable in proving Daniel to have done some dastardly deed then absolutely
nothing prevents the "injured parties" from taking him to court and proving
their case and receiving Justice. On the other hand Daniel is availed the same
access and means. I see the parties on Paul's side saying unless Daniel
publicly confesses he is "guilty" they have no other means to obtain satisfaction
except by subjecting over two hundred other members of this Forum to the
equivalent of an old time western lynch party daily until he submits. This is first
class "bullying," or at least the attempt at it. That is a false position in my
view, you or Paul or Jerry or all of you and all other unrevealed interested
persons involved can and should in my view take it out of this forum and take
him to court or shut up. I find it ridiculous that this assertion has plagued
this forum since 1993, 13 years? I have only been here since 1999, lol I didn't
subscribe to read this garbage every day endlessly, I joined the forum to
read about what other people knew about H.P.Blavatsky as a person, her works, her
life, her adventures and experiences and so on. When I joined I had the
illusion that people would actually actively discuss what she wrote about and
enlighten others on their insight and knowledge about the contents of her works.
Don't hold your breath. In the years since 1999 very little of that actually
happens here to my dismay and sadness, instead partisan lodge wars by football
fans cheering for their team and team advocacy. I do not nor have I ever
belonged to any Lodge period, and after 6 years of reading the posts of lodge members
here I remain certain I made a right decision, lol.

Alternately nothing is preventing any of you from directly communicating
with Daniel by letter or phone off this forum, nothing stops you from
E-mailing Daniel directly off this forum. Jerry told in his recent post he possesses
all the necessary information to communicate directly with Daniel instead of
grandstanding here on this forum and subjecting us all to this when I, and I
have confidence others here would prefer to not be forced to wade through
additional "developed traffic" of more posts on this topic Nothing prevents you and
the others from visiting Daniel in person if he consents so a solution can be
worked out if possible. Also there could be private "mediators" who, as
resource could help mediate communication with Daniel, from what I have read here
you all agree something is missing in effective communication with him, lol.


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