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Re: Theos-World The trick with psychics, saints, and psychotics

Feb 26, 2006 00:27 AM
by samblo

   Thanks for your previous post and this one also. Now I see s signature. 
I'd like to make a couple of comments if you will allow.

>>The now famous STS-48 video feed from the Discovery included footage of
UFO's (unidentified flying objects) moving at radical angles away from a
blast of light from the Discovery<<

Actually the "energy beam" that caused the radical apparent sudden defensive 
right maneuver angle of the unknown (UFO) was seen as fired from the ground 
and dye to the defensive maneuver passed by out into space missing the target. 
Additionally the NASA Live feed was not terminated as you stated, I Have had 
NASA Select Television here on Cable since 1986 I think and I have taped on VHS 
all the Missions of the Shuttle and other Live events on NASA Select 
Television. I might add I am the person who made available the also famous STS-80 NASA 
footage live as it happened and I and a CO-producer weret he first to air it 
on Television before any of the media even really knew about it (like Art Bell, 
Whitlley Streiber, Richard Hoagland). Later after the STS-80 they did put a 
"delay" in the downlink of the audio that up to then was live.

>>On July 11, 1991,
hundreds of people at different locations in Mexico watched a physically
structured UFO simultaneously<<

 My memory on dates is a little fuzzy, are you referring here to the solar 
Eclipse UFO seen during the Eclipse in Mexico?

>> The 11 photos released last year were
in the infrared band, rather than visible light. <<

This was taken by a Mexican Air Force Aircraft with a specially trained 
expert Telemetry Crew, the Aircraft was crammed with latest technology and they 
observed bright multiple unknowns in the Infrared spectrum that was of extended 
duration and included extraordinary maneuvers all of which were recorded and 
preserved and later analyzed. It was an extraordinary sighting.

>>Extraterrestrial life can be as visible as we husapiens<<

I assume you are employing a recent new age construction "huspiens" joining a 
Prefix "Hu" which there are various meanings from Churchward's and 
Leplongeon's and Egyptian "H" glyph? Could you explain your specific usage here?

"Blinking out" was a prominent feature in Billy Meiers film footage as well 
as in other places in the world where Human witness has observed Craft. There 
have been instances where apparent Humans have had an interaction with Humans 
here and then suddenly "disappeared" in very short order defying explanation. I 
and a Mufon Rep. experienced that one time back in 1977.

Nice to hear from you Krsanna, stay around for awhile,


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