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The trick with psychics, saints, and psychotics

Feb 25, 2006 08:54 PM
by TimeStar

Speaking of astral and etheric life on Mars brings to center stage the
nature of extraterrestrial life and UFO's.  Theosophy addresses the
ineffable wholeness of life throughout the cosmos in many guises of
physical, astral, etheric, and mental bodies.  Much evidence exists to show
that extraterrestrial life can be as visible as life on earth, dispelling
the myth that extraterrestrial life must be vastly different in nature than
husapiens.  Humankind came from the stars and will return to the stars in
its long evolution.  Getting too stuck up about differences between life on
earth and extraterrestrial existences seems a waste of time and effort.  The
key is to get the truth.  To paraphrase Terence McKenna, "Psychics, saints,
and psychotics have been hearing voices since the beginning of time.  The
trick is to get them to tell the truth."  

Video footage taken by NASA Space Shuttle Discovery on September 15, 1991
shows that life "out there" may be every bit as visible as life "in here."
The now famous STS-48 video feed from the Discovery included footage of
UFO's (unidentified flying objects) moving at radical angles away from a
blast of light from the Discovery, suggesting the space shuttle may have
fired a missile at them.  The authenticity of the footage, taken directly
from NASA's satellite feed, is unquestionable.  After the footage was
acquired in the public domain, NASA closed down the previously accessible
satellite feed.    

"...from what I understand, the living beings on most of the other planets
do not have dense physical bodies, they only have etheric bodies (also
astal, mental etc). Hence, none of them are visible to the human eye (or to
Nasa's instruments)."  (soulsurvivor7771)

Images of 11 UFO's released by the Mexican Air Force last year, after 14
years of the most extensive and highly documented UFO wave ever recorded,
shows that UFO's are highly visible on instruments.  On July 11, 1991,
hundreds of people at different locations in Mexico watched a physically
structured UFO simultaneously.  Moreover, hundreds of video cameras
simultaneously recorded the object.  The 11 photos released last year were
in the infrared band, rather than visible light.  UFO's are frequently seen
to appear and disappear then, sometimes, appear again.  Where do they go?  

Extraterrestrial life can be as visible as we husapiens.  The main
differences between many who claim to be extraterresrials and us husapiens
is that many times ET demonstrates the ability to appear and disappear from
the visible light band at will.   

Physical bodies recognized as "life" on this planet are nothing more than
reflections of astral and etheric templates.  Adepts and ETs both appear to
have finer control of the astral and etheric templates than the present
husapien evolution, thus the ability for finer control of the interactive
physical, astral and etheric bodies.  

The Mayan calendar predicted the date that the "star masters" would return
in the sky with the July 11, 1991 eclipse more than 1,000 years before the
event, in 775 A.D.  

The History Channel produced a great documentary on the UFO long-running
wave in Mexico entitled, "Mexico's Roswell."  This documentary can be
ordered from the History Channel's web site at a cost of $29.95.

Happy hunting in the extraplanetary spheres.  

Best regards,
Krsanna Duran

--- In, "soulsurvivor7771" <pathinfo@...> wrote:
> Mr. Carlos,
> Most of the information that Leadbeater provides in his books was 
> obtained during his travels in the astral world. I am assuming that 
> are like me and are unable to visit the astral world consciously. So 
> just like me you can only verify what exists in the physical world. 
> So this may be just as hard for you to believe as believing 
> Leadbeater's stories or that there is a such a person as Sanat 
> Kumara - but from what I understand, the living beings on most of the 
> other planets do not have dense physical bodies, they only have 
> etheric bodies (also astal, mental etc). Hence, none of them are 
> visible to the human eye (or to Nasa's instruments).
> Someday, both you and I may acquire etheric vision and/or learn to 
> travel in the astral world (this may take a few more lives). When 
> that happens, we can verify for ourselves how accurate Leadbeater was 
> in his descriptions (the astral world is full of distortions, so I 
> sure there are many inaccuracies). In the mean time, please don't 
> imagine that you know everything there is to know about life or non-
> life on Mars.
> Regards,
> Dave

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