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Re: Theos-World Basic questions

Feb 25, 2006 07:35 PM
by adelasie

Hi Hauw,

You ask some great questions and if I knew the answers I guess I'd be 
pretty smart. But that's how we learn, by asking questions and trying 
to figure out the answers.

> After reading all the lively discussions here and stories about Chelas
> who failed one way or another, I have a few question.

As I understand it, there is no such thing as failure. There is the 
persistent conscious pursuit of evil which eventually leads to 
anihilation, but for the rest of us, it is never too late to get up 
and try again. 
> To start off, my understanding so far is that apart from the 3 stated
> objects, TS also has an 'inner circle' of members who  have been
> accepted as Chelas by adepts or Masters, and they learn esoteric
> knowledge. 

This may exist for all I know, but I am unaware of it. What I do know 
is that every ernest seeker of truth is under the guidance of the 
Masters, whether he or she  knows it or not, and when he or she 
reaches the level of development when it is time, the Teacher will 
make himself known to the student. It isn't so much like a class that 
we sign up for as it is that we are always in the class, and it is 
our awareness of that fact, and of the lessons we are learning, that 
determines our progress. 

What I don't know is, what is the ultimate aim of learning
> this esoteric knowledge. Is it also to become an adept? Is it to cut
> short the path to nirvana? Is it to save the world, how? Or all of
> these? Where can I find writings on this subject?

No amount of learning is worth anything unless the student is able to 
be of real willing and grateful service to his fellow human beings. 
HPB said, " Occultism is altruism, pure and simple." That is a 
mantram that could carry one a long ways past any amount of book 
learning, but close reading of HPB's writing will yield much 
information on this subject, as indeed will examination of her  
selfless life. 
> Secondly, the "K H Letters to Leadbeater" tells that CWL's Master was
> impressed by CWL and agreed to take him as Chela in less than 48 hours
> instead of putting him on probation for 7 years. It would therefore be
> logical to say that the Master didn't detect any hidden agenda on the
> part of CWL. From thereon, one would assume that things that CWL said
> or did must have come from the Master directly or indirectly. What I
> don't understand is, if he had gone astray later (as some members here
> have been saying), and granted that the Master couldn't foresee the
> future accurately and couldn't interfere with karmic cycle (as some
> here would put it), where was the Master when he was needed most, and
> did he at least warn the other Masters and Chelas about CWL so as to
> leave us with some clues?

All due respect, it is an exercise in futility to try and measure the 
worth of another human being, living or dead. We simply cannot know 
the status or development of another. We can barely sense our own. If 
the Master chooses a chela, it must be because the Law of Karma 
allows the choice to be made. If the chela appears to falter, what is 
that but proof that he is as human as you or I? What possible use can 
it do us or anyone to point out the failings of our fellow human 
beings, our fellow seekers on the path? Our very suspicions and 
criticisms generate matrices of the same, snares to catch our own 
feet when we are most unaware. And then who will be our friend, when 
we need a friend the most?
> The same question goes to the rest--the Masters have selected the 80
> (some say 72) people, where were they (the Masters) when these Chelas
> were failing either because they were 'kidnapped' by dark force or
> when they were revealing their real colours or simply going mad? Even
> earthly masters are duty bound to help their students if they know
> that the students are playing truant, mix up with bad company and so
> on, shouldn't the astral Masters be more enlightened? I have a feeling
> that many Christians would attribute the whole thing as the work of
> anti-Christ; how would theosophists view and explain this?

It is certainly possible that the Masters help us all far more than 
we have any idea. 
Our ignorance might cause us to  miss out on some opportunities for 
gratitude. Maybe it's just that we aren't wise enough to distinguish 
what we
 want from what we need. But we may be sure that Those Who Know are 
securely in control and that they stand ready to help at any time. 
The Master 
says, "You let go of my hand, but I never let go of yours." Like WQJ 
"Consciousness is everything." 

It may be a bit like parenthood, when you raise your children the 
best you can but there comes a time when you have to let them make 
their own decisions, their own mistakes. You have to wait until they 
ask for help, but you are always ready if they do ask. We are like 
the children, the Masters like the parents. 

Keep up the questions, to others or to yourself. You will find the 
answers you seek.

All the best,

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