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Basic questions

Feb 25, 2006 06:52 PM
by T. H. Hauw

Hello all,

After reading all the lively discussions here and stories about Chelas who
failed one way or another, I have a few question.

To start off, my understanding so far is that apart from the 3 stated
objects, TS also has an 'inner circle' of members who  have been accepted as
Chelas by adepts or Masters, and they learn esoteric knowledge. What I don't
know is, what is the ultimate aim of learning this esoteric knowledge. Is it
also to become an adept? Is it to cut short the path to nirvana? Is it to
save the world, how? Or all of these? Where can I find writings on this

Secondly, the "K H Letters to Leadbeater" tells that CWL's Master was
impressed by CWL and agreed to take him as Chela in less than 48 hours
instead of putting him on probation for 7 years. It would therefore be
logical to say that the Master didn't detect any hidden agenda on the part
of CWL. From thereon, one would assume that things that CWL said or did must
have come from the Master directly or indirectly. What I don't understand
is, if he had gone astray later (as some members here have been saying), and
granted that the Master couldn't foresee the future accurately and couldn't
interfere with karmic cycle (as some here would put it), where was the
Master when he was needed most, and did he at least warn the other Masters
and Chelas about CWL so as to leave us with some clues?

The same question goes to the rest--the Masters have selected the 80 (some
say 72) people, where were they (the Masters) when these Chelas were failing
either because they were 'kidnapped' by dark force or when they were
revealing their real colours or simply going mad? Even earthly masters are
duty bound to help their students if they know that the students are playing
truant, mix up with bad company and so on, shouldn't the astral Masters be
more enlightened? I have a feeling that many Christians would attribute the
whole thing as the work of anti-Christ; how would theosophists view and
explain this?

New student of Theosophy

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