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Re: Theos-World Leadbeaterian Martians

Feb 24, 2006 01:43 PM
by samblo

    Thanks for your comments and reply. As there are many on this Forum that 
are not couched in a lifetime of Theosophy and the study of it's current 
literature it might I propose be helpful if the term "Obscuration" could be as much 
as possible elaborated upon and defined fully as possible to the readers of 
this Forum by our well learned members, I would consider this very helpful to 
many members here.

   Sometimes I get a strange vision in my funny little mind, I see a sea of 
feathers sticking straight up into the sky, they are black feathers. And 
following down I see a great many necks extending down into the puerile lifeless 
sands of a desert. Scattered around these strange necks and tail feathers are 
signs placed here and there. On the signs a message is declared -- "See not - 
Hear not - Know not." I wonder what a strange place this is, who created this 
bizarre practically uninhabited desert with birds with their asses pointing to 
heaven and their heads in the sand? Then looking and straining my poor tired old 
eyes I see a terribly worn out gate way out there in the vast desert and on 
the gate the word "Theosophy." Looking at the Gate I notice that there are not 
a lot of footprints in the desert sand leading up to the gate and crossing 
under it, but there are the track marks of the birds that came out from inside 
the Gate and spend their life thinking they are in obscuration because thier 
head is in darkness in the hole they made in the sands that they put their head 
to feel safe and secure. Centuries go by, millenniums go by and there they are 
still with their tail feathers pointing to the sky.

About that great Orsen Wells Martian Drama you can listen to it here online:

 <A HREF="";>The Mercury Theatre on the Air</A>

hmmm, Mercury IS coming out of obscuration, lol.

The reason I resort to my unique form of humor, is that like I said I am a 
UFO Freak is some care to characterize people who are experiencers and not 
withstanding any protests from anyone I know what I experienced and have seen as 
well. Not just me but at lest according to assessment over 2% of the entire 
world population also. It was the gate that caused me to look into Theosophy. The 
point is simple this, members of Theosophy have gotten "fixated" into an 
apparent "dogma" and are actually detached from the real world and what is "in 
process" that they adamantly refuse to confront or have knowledge of, this is 
"stagnation" and in time it results in another "desert" but there only 'pillars of 
salt retaining the shape of the living being that were once there. If 
Theosophy is to breathe and live it cannot while blindly repeating "it is not there, 
I refuse to see or hear or know." Someone here recently posted that there were 
only 2875 Theosophists registered in America, what a pitiful result for 
Madame Blavatsky to look down upon today, shame on those who blindly produce this 
result and blindly cast their fellow kin out into society where they can think 
freely again and know freely again, and see freely again. How proud they all 
must be.

   Alternately, I have the view that "Science Fiction Writers" are often 
proven to be true "visionaries" of a society, have anyone here ever read Olaf 
Stapledon's works"
Science Fiction often pre-omens in it's speculations actual future arrivals 
of science, technology. Sociology, politics, and many other discliplines. 
therefore why subject it to ridicule? Why not esteem the contribution they make and 
give proper regard to another human being?

   I mentioned Jonathon Swift because he was before Blavatsky and did write 
visionary contents that I thought meaningful to the topic thread. I find his 
topics that he wrote about really fascinating for someone of his time. As far as 
why Joyce Mills said what you say she said, she knows why, I don't.

  Outside of Theosophy there is what IS there, and what actually is taking 
place in the world, I try to experience both in an amenable way and culture an 
awareness of that. I could post hundreds of links to online resources to 
support my view but surely would never subject anyone to that, but I do believe 
Theosophy would be "healthier" and have a possibility of life if it were more open 
and not fixated, after all, isn't that what people argue about Adyar so much 
here while at the same time grooming their own fixations for the day they can 
impose them monolithically on others?


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