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Re: Theos-World Last word from me until April; comment on John's post

Feb 24, 2006 12:35 PM
by samblo

   Right! I love the Forensic Sciences, they never fail to impress me. But 
the primary problem here as everyone already knows is this: anonymity is 
guaranteed on the Internet under existing Law as regards forums, boards, etc. It is 
the hallmark of the Internet that people remain anonymous in the interest of 
free exchange of communication and the safety from reprisal from unstable 
personalties. Even today there have been Government requests for obtaining 
identities of bloggers and others who for some reason have caused interest to focus on 
them but except for extreme cause courts are obligated to protect the 
anonymous identity afforded to all on the Internet posting their thoughts and 
expression as such and any suppressive intrusion on this feature of the Internet would 
be a mortal wound to free expression and communication.
     Legal remedy and petition for redress is an avenue open to all and any 
who feel injured or maligned on both sides, accused or accuser, the only 
requirement is they meet and satisfy the rigorous test of the Law to arrive at their 
intended goal. Nothing except the satisfaction of the Law prevents that, both 
sides are aware of that if they have looked into their options. My opinion is 
the Court is a proper resource to settle the dispute not a Forum where 
several hundred detached and uninterested members are subjected against the ability 
to prevent, to a decades or more of posts amounting to hundreds over the years 
listing complaints, grievances, speculations, attempts to enlist others in 
their fixation and so on. Here is one website useful for a perspective:

 <A HREF="";></A>

and another:

 <A HREF="";>EFF: CyberSLAPP / John Doe Cases</A>



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