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Inner Rounds re: From the SD

Feb 24, 2006 12:33 PM
by Konstantin Zaitzev

Dear Dave,

I was probably somewhat wrong in my definition of inner round.
1. It wasn't Leadbeater who invented it.
2. There are monads which are not behind, but ahead.

«Even during obscuration a small colony of humanity clings to
each planet, and the monads associated with these small colonies
following different laws of evolution, and beyond the reach of those
attractions which govern the main vortex of humanity in the planet
occupied by the great tide-wave, pass on from world to world along
what may be called the inner round of evolution, far ahead of the
race at large. What may be the circumstances which occasionally
project a soul even from the midst of the great human vortex, right
out of the attraction of the planet occupied by the tide wave, and
into the attraction of the Inner Round — is a question that can only
be a subject for us at present of very uncertain conjecture.»
(Sinnett, "Esoteric Buddhism")

It is just what Leadbeater meant about Mars and its obscuration.

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> Thanks Konstantin. I could never have figured that out with 
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> wrote:

>> Leadbeater knew that, so he had to introduce some "inner rounds", 
>> micro-rounds with remnants of evolution which are probably little 
>> behind the main wave.

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