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Re: Theos-World Last word from me until April; comment on John's post

Feb 24, 2006 11:11 AM

And then I suppose that some enterprising person can use the program to go over all the Mahatma's letters, to find out which of the Masters wrote which paragraphs of ISIS, and SD, and all the rest of HPB's output.

Olcott says, in Old Diary Leaves, that he could watch HPB's manerisims while she was writing, and know which of the Masters were in control of the body at that time, and that he could tell from looking at the writing, which of the Masters was the author. But the material is no longer in existance, so the program might be able to figure out just WHO is the author of various threads of thought in the writings.


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Couple of days ago while watching the Court Channel on TV, I noticed the
existence of a computer program which analyzes writings to determine if two
sets of doucuments were written by the same person. The program analyzes the
vocabulary and the usage of verbs and nouns etc to detect patterns which
will lead to identification of the author of documents. It is being used to
solve criminal cases. Someone in law enforcement may know more about it.
Then we can use the program to solve the issue of authorship in question.


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