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Re: Theos-World Last word from me until April; comment on John's post

Feb 24, 2006 08:24 AM
by adelasie

Hi Paul,

Before you disappear, I want to go on record with some comments about 
your much-disputed work. I mentioned a week or so ago that I had 
obtained "In Search of the Masters," and "The Masters Revealed" from 
our library. I have been reading in the first volume, and, although I 
haven't read all of it, I do have some reactions.

It seems to me that you have produced here a very comprehensive and 
well-researched project. You began with a search, stated quite 
honestly, and you went to great lengths to discover all you could 
that would be relevent to your quest. You may not have come to the 
conclusion I might have come to (although in all honesty I must 
confess that I have never made any such research) but nowhere in my 
reading have I come across anything that I would interpret as 
disrespectful of HPB or the Masters. All I have found so far is your 
conclusions based on your research, which seem to me quite sincere 
and, from your point of view, defensible. 

I am reminded of an image of truth, paraphrased from HPB, which 
offers a body of water in the moonlight, sparkling with myriads of 
wavelets reflecting the light of the moon. Each reflection appears to 
be different and separate from the others, but all come from one 
source, the moon. The point is made that truth is like that. There is 
one truth, but it is reflected into the minds of men in many and 
varied ways. It is a theosophical axiom that diametrically opposed 
statements can both be true. It's all a matter of our point of view.

I will continue my delving into your very interesting work, and, in 
the meantime, wish you good luck with your current project.

All the best,

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