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Last word from me until April; comment on John's post

Feb 24, 2006 06:53 AM
by kpauljohnson


My current manuscript is suffering from lack of attention, and I had 
intended to give a few days' notice before taking a two month hiatus 
from the discussion here starting at the beginning of March.  But 
there is really nothing more for me to say; having been drawn into 
what is essentially an inter-Theosophical quarrel I now must let 
Theosophists work these things out among themselves.  When I return 
after a couple of months away, perhaps more will have come to light 
that will clarify matters.

As for John's implicit threat, a lawsuit would certainly be an 
interesting way to get to the bottom of the David Green mystery.  
Let's separate two questions here.  1) Is David Green a real person?  
and 2) If not, who is the author of Green's articles and messages on 

As to the first question, apart from all the evidence already cited, 
there is a marked internal inconsistency that strongly indicates a 
false persona.  Quite a few of Green's messages are written in a 
peculiar style marked by certain odd mannerisms.  Like always calling 
HPB "Mrs. Blavatsky" and constantly leaving off articles (a, an and 
the).  This seems like someone for whom English is not a first 
language.  But then in other messages, most of them in fact, his 
English is perfectly normal.  This seems like someone is forgetting 
to "stay in character."  

As to the second question, Brigitte Muehlegger was clearly not in 
sufficient command of English spelling or syntax to have written the 
Green messages, nor did she ever show one iota of interest in Green's 
preoccupation with attacking the ULT.  Someone else has. If we accept 
the premise that Green is not real, then the obvious person to ask 
for an explanation is his alleged co-author who has described knowing 
him personally.

I'll be unsubscribing this afternoon, but will read today's messages 
before doing so.


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