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Obituary: Phil Harris

Feb 23, 2006 03:33 PM
by prmoliveira

Phil Harris, a long-time member of the TS in Australia, passed away 
on 27th December 2005 after a period of illness. He was a former 
president and trutee of the Perth Branch as well as founder and 
first director of the Mount Helena Center, located in the hills area 
to the east of Perth. Phil was also a national lecturer for the 
Australian Section and wrote many articles to a number of 
theosophical journals. He is the author of "The Spiritual Path to 
Complete Fulfilment", which is based on his deep understanding of 
the Yoga-sutras of Patanjali. He was awarded the title of Honorary 
Life Member of the TS in Australia in 1995. During the past sixteen 
years he worked, as honorary chief editor, on a comprehensive 
project to which he devoted his mind and his passion - 
the "Theosophical Encyclopaedia" - which is to be published in the 
near future. 

Phil had a delightful sense of irony and humour and I will treasure 
my conversations with him. Like many others in Australia, he used to 
remind me that all nuts come from Brazil.


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