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Re: Theos-World re: Judge case

Feb 23, 2006 02:13 PM
by Jerry Hejka-Ekins

Dear Kons,

I posed this question some years ago to the Pasadena Theosophical Society's (i.e. the Point Loma Judge organization) archivist. The disputed letters in question, if they still exist, have to be in the possession of the Adyar TS in India. He assured me that they are not in the Pasadena archives.
Not all Mahatma Letters (London or otherwise) are precipitated. My wife and I spent several days in the British Museum reading room going over the volumes of letters they have there. Only a very small minority of the letters exhibit the characteristic lines that Barborka described. The majority of the letters are written either in ink with a fountain pen, or in a pencil or crayon. They are quite ordinary looking. Their physical appearance suggests that they could have been written by anyone.

Konstantin Zaitzev wrote:

Does anyone know where is the disputed Mahatma letter to W.Q.Judge
kept? Precipitated letters, which are kept in London, have pecular
structure which is very hard to forge, at least, with 19th century
technique (see G. Barborka, "Mahatmas & their letters".) Did
anyone compare them?

Did Olcott & Besant really accuse Judge in forging the letter?
It seems to me, if I remember correctly, they said something like
"We don't believe that the letter comes from Mahatma".

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