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Jesus is coming!

Feb 23, 2006 12:45 PM
by M. Sufilight

Hallo all,

Here is a little something:

The Parrot and the Burglar

A burglar broke into a house and was just about to stuff a jewelry box into his backpack, when all of a sudden he heard a voice say "Jesus is coming."  
He froze, thinking he had been caught.  Finally, he mustered up the courage to turn around.  To his surprise, he saw no one.  
Suddenly, the voice repeated "Jesus is coming."
Now, really curious, he decided to investigate where the voice might be coming from.  As he stepped into the next room, he noticed a parrot in a cage.  Relieved, he thought:  "how cute", and proceeded to ask the parrot his name.
"Moses" said the parrot.
The burglar chuckled and exclaimed:  "What an odd name for a parrot!  Who would name a parrot 'Moses'?"
The parrot replied:  "The same person who named the Rottweiler Jesus!"


M. Sufilight

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